Information for Students

  1. Go to

  2. Click the words LOG-IN in the upper right hand on the home page

  3. LOG IN if you already have a login and password in our ANFP website or CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT
  4. Create New Account

  5. Select Create a new account if you don’t already have a log-in and password.

  6. SEARCH FOR ACCOUNT – As an enrollee, there may already be a record for you.

  7. Simply follow the directions on the next screen.

  8. Only enter your FIRST and LAST name please. No need to fill in all the fields.
  9. Have an Account Already

  10. It will require that you search a 2nd time. This time enter only your e-mail address.

  11. On the 3rd time, if the system still does not recognize your e-mail address you will be able to create a new account.

  12. Fill out the registration form and receive your password via e-mail.

  13. Once you have received your password, log into the ANFP website by entering your e-mail address and the 6-digit password, select View Profile located next to the words, "Welcome, your name."

  14. To be eligible for member pricing on textbooks, first join ANFP as a Pre-Professional member. On the right of the screen under My Information, select Become a Member.
  15. Become a Member

  16. Select Apply for ANFP Membership Online, answer a few questions, and select your membership type. For students:
    • Full Year: $64 if joining between Apr 1 and Nov 30
    • Half Year: $37 if joining between Dec 1 and Mar 31
  17. Before checking out, select continue to shop to take you to the ANFP Marketplace to purchase your textbooks with a member discount.
  18. Continue to Shop

  19. To bypass membership, simply select My Marketplace from the account links on the right to enter the ANFP Marketplace.
  20. Scroll down to the ANFP Products listing and select Textbooks & Exam Prep.
  21. Textbooks & Exam Prep

  22. Select the first textbook.
  23. Nutrition Fundamentals

  24. Add to Cart
  25. Nutrition Fundamentals

  26. Notice that you received member pricing on the textbook.
  27. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on continue to shop to order the second textbook
  28. Shopping-Cart-8

  29. To return to the Textbooks & Exam Prep section, locate and select the next textbook.
  30. Shopping-Cart-8

  31. Proceed to Check-out.

  32. Confirm the accuracy of the shipping address.

  33. Complete your purchase.

Click below to download a printable flyer with the information on this page.

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