ANFP Approved Training Programs

ANFP Approved Training Program

Completing an ANFP Approved Training Program is one of the many ways that you can become eligible to take the CDM, CFPP Credentialing Exam. The programs are offered throughout the United States and in several instructional formats.

After you select a type of ANFP Approved Program from the list below, you will see a list of schools offering that type of program. These are programs that you may choose to attend on your journey to become CDM, CFPP certified. Completion of an ANFP Approved Program is completely optional and enrollment and/or completion of it does not predict or guarantee a passing score on the exam. Certification candidates may qualify for the exam under different eligibility pathways and may prepare for the exam in a manner of their choice.

Candidates qualifying under the CDM, CFPP eligibility Pathway I must graduate from an ANFP Approved Training Program at the school (other programs do not quality) and must graduate when the program is approved. Your name must appear on the graduation list that is sent to ANFP by the school.

Online – all courses completed in an online format

Correspondence – course work sent and returned via mail

Classroom – all courses attended in person in traditional face-to-face classroom setting

Hybrid – some courses attended face-to-face and other online; or option to take courses all online or all face-to-face

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