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Nutrition & Foodservice Edge magazine offers articles in the areas of Food Protection, Nutrition, Culinary, Ethics, and Management. These articles have review questions that can be answered online for continuing education credit (CE). If you are interested in receiving CE hours for these articles, please visit our Marketplace. View the latest articles and our archived articles below.

Earning CE with Edge Connection Articles

Reading each article and successfully completing the corresponding questions has been approved for continuing education credit for CDM, CFPPs. CE Credit is available ONLINE ONLY. To earn the CE credit, access the online quiz in the ANFP Marketplace. Select 'CE Articles.' If you don't see your article title on the first page, search the title. Once on the article title page, purchase the article, and complete the CE quiz.

View the Latest Articles from the November/December 2022 Issue

Management Connection - 6 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills
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Management Connection - Leveling Up: Give Your Operations a Boost By Leveling Up Your Team
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Food Protection Connection - Antimicrobial Resistance: Food Safety Implications and Beyond
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October 2022

The Art of Discontentment: Never Leave Well Enough Alone


Sourcing and Creating Effective Nutrition Education Materials
September/October 2022

Meeting Hydration Needs Requires Daily Focus
September/October 2022

Top 7 Food Trends of 2022
September/October 2022

Promoting New FDA Guidelines to Reduce Sodium Intake
July/August 2022

Plant-Based Proteins for Nutritional & Operational Benefits
May/June 2022

Childhood Nutrition: What Foodservice Professionals Need to Know
May/June 2022

Nutrition Implications in the 2022 Diabetes Standard of Care
April 2022

Malnutrition: Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Strategies for Moving Forward
March/April 2022

Serving Up Joy and Nutrition for the Holidays 
November/December 2021

Nutrition Best Practice for Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries
September/October 2021

The Case for Zinc
September/October 2021

Introducing the New Nutrition Facts Label
July/August 2021

Nutrition & Brain Health: An In-Depth Look at Alzheimer's, Depression, and Anxiety
 May/June 2021

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 Provides Nationally-Established Nutrition Guidance
April 2021

Nutrition and Brain Health
March/April 2021

The Nutrition Care Team: Working Together for Client Health
January/February 2021

Nutrition and Holiday Celebrations During a Pandemic
November/December 2020

Nutrition Strategies to Support Immune Health
September/October 2020

Demystifying Protein
July/August 2020

COVID-19: How it Impacts Food, Nutrition, and Dining
May/June 2020

Embracing the Plant-Forward Movement in Your Kitchen
April 2020

The Wheat We Eat: Safety, Quality, and Nutrition of Today's Wheat
March/April 2020

Trauma-Informed Care and Nutrition
January/February 2020

Origins of Common Holiday Foods
November/December 2019


Ethical Muscle Memory
September/October 2020

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