ACE Awards 2023


The 2023 ACE Awards will be presented at the 2023 Annual Conference & Expo from June 25-28, 2023 in New Orleans, LA

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Awards in the form of complimentary membership, event registration, or other ANFP products, already paid for by an award recipient, will be refunded to the individual and re-processed in accordance with the procedures established for the ANFP awards program.

Ambassador Award

Recipient: Non-member

Criteria: An administrator, dietitian, etc. who demonstrated commitment of the CDM, CFPP credential and supports the nutrition and foodservice department leader through mentoring.

CDM, CFPP Spotlight Award

Recipient: Recipient of the Chapter's CDM, CFPP of the Year or CDM, CFPP of the Month

Criteria: Member that has received their chapter's CDM, CFPP of Year (or equivalent award), or was named as the 'CDM, CFPP of the Month' in Nutrition & Foodservice Edge magazine in 2021/2022.

Chapter Volunteer of Year Award

Recipient: Any current ANFP chapter volunteer

Recognizes an outstanding chapter volunteer that serves as a positive example to others, and whose dedicated service, time and efforts to the foodservice industry help to advance the mission of the ANFP at the state level.


  • Must be a CDM, CFPP and current, active chapter volunteer
  • Makes an outstanding contribution to the association through volunteer service
  • Candidate has served as chapter leader/volunteer for at least five years
  • Held at least one chapter officer position for a full term (according to chapter’s bylaws)
  • Actively seeks out others to engage in volunteer activities
  • Supports and upholds the aims and goals of ANFP
  • Demonstrates exceptional commitment, service, creativity, and cooperation

Dining Distinction Award

Recipient: Any member

Criteria: The dining experience can contribute significantly to the health and well-being of individuals; an optimal dining experience is more than "eating". It involved the nutritional value of food, the way food is presented, the environment in which food is presented, the human interactions that occur during the dining experience.

*Distinguished Service Award

Recipient: Member or corporate sponsor

Member Criteria: A member of ANFP. Member has exhibited strong support for ANFP and its mission: Position the Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional as the expert in foodservice management and food safety.

Corporate Member Criteria:

  • Nominee has demonstrated support for ANFP in pursuit of its mission: Position the Certified Dietary Manager, Certified Food Protection Professional as the expert in foodservice management and food safety.
  • Nominee has served ANFP and its members at the national level in any of the following ways (if nominee is an organization, they have supported their staff members to be involved with ANFP, or have contributed as an organization, in any of these ways):
    • As a board, committee, or task force member
    • As a speaker at national events
    • As a thought leader and mentor to CDM, CFPPs and all ANFP members
    • As an ambassador for ANFP in the nutrition and foodservice industry
    • As a partner in the development of programs and services that have benefited ANFP members

*No self-nominations will be accepted for this award.

Horizon Award

Recipient: Member who has practiced in the foodservice industry for five years or less.

Criteria: Recognizes members who are new to management, and who demonstrate a desire for future growth through conditions to their facility or community, or local chapter, and display leadership in fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Innovation Award

Recipient: Any member

Criteria: Recognizes members who enhance their nutrition and foodservice operations through technology, program development, nutrition, operations and/or creative use of financial management.

*Legacy Award

Recipient: ANFP member who has been a member for at least 15 years, and served three or more years on a national committee/board and attended at least three ANFP regional and/or annual meetings within the last five years.

Criteria: ANFP involvement and attendance at ANFP programming to include contributions to ANFP through consistent participation but not limited to annual meeting, regional meetings, leadership institute, and chapter programs.

*No self-nominations will be accepted for this award.

Partnership Award

Recipient: Company or facility (Members or non-members)

Criteria: Demonstrated strong commitment to the CDM, CFPP credential and supports the nutrition and foodservice department leader.

Public Policy Leadership Award

Recipient: Congressperson or member

Criteria: Exhibits strong support for efforts to change/strengthen public policy in the areas of nutrition, food, health care, public health.

Becky Rude Excellence in Leadership Award

Recipient: Members or Non-Members.

Criteria: An individual who demonstrates excellence in leadership through exemplary service, advocacy of the CDM, CFPP credential and dedication to ANFP, and exhibits qualities of an inspiring leader that leaves a lasting impact on ANFP, its members and the foodservice industry. Nominations will not be accepted by members. This is a staff-driven award.

Student of the Year Award

Recipient: Recognizes a current student enrolled in an ANFP dietary managers program who exemplifies dedication, hard work and commitment to earning the credential and pursuing a career in the foodservice industry.


  • Currently enrolled in ANFP approved program
  • Will sit for the exam within the next year (June 1 – May 31)

(Individual recipient of the national award will receive one free year of membership after becoming a CDM, CFPP.)



Diamond Award

Recipient: The coveted Diamond Award recognizes one ANFP state chapter per year that exemplifies dedication to members through chapter initiatives and enthusiastic leadership.

2022 Diamond Award Recipient

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