ANFP Benchmarking Programs

ANFP launched its first Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Benchmarking program in March 2017 with more than 700 registered participants. Each year, ANFP conducts a benchmarking survey so that trends and changes over time can be reported in subsequent years.

Now in its fourth year, the Skilled Nursing Facility Benchmarking Program has more than 1,200 registrants. ANFP has expanded its initiative and is pleased to offer an all-new Acute Care Benchmarking Program beginning March 2020.

Topics covered in the benchmarking programs include facility demographics, personnel information, key financial stats, foodservice operations, nutrition information, business operations, and safety and sanitation practices.

Participants in the program enjoy 24/7 access to the results. They can download reports based on the entire nation or choose to filter reports based on facility ownership, number of residents, and geographic location, among many other filters.

Confidentiality is key to this initiative. ANFP has partnered with Dynamic Benchmarking to host the program and maintain confidentiality. Individual facility information is viewable only by that facility's registered participants.

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"Using ANFP's Benchmarking Program is an exceptional opportunity for the dietary manager to improve their operational performance in a confidential approach while analyzing and comparing their data to like facilities to determine the best practice and make strategic decisions."

- Tom Thaman, CDM, CFPP

Acute Care Facility Benchmarking Program

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ANFP Research Webinars

In 2018, the Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation partnered with Technomic, one of the nation’s leading food research firms, and conducted an industry-wide, in-depth study on healthcare foodservice. In this study, Understanding Healthcare Foodservice: Skilled Care, you will discover specifics about the skilled nursing and long-term care segments of the study, learn about changes that have taken place since 2010, current concerns, and new and upcoming trends. The second webinar, Understanding Healthcare Foodservice: Acute Care, reviews specifics about the acute care segment of the 2018 Technomic Study and changes that have taken place since 2010, current concerns, and new and upcoming trends.

Research Webinars