Skilled Nursing Facility
Benchmarking Program

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Now in its third year, the ANFP Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Benchmarking program has over 1000 registrants. Topics covered in the benchmarking program include facility demographics, personnel information, key financial stats, foodservice operations, nutrition information, and food safety and sanitation practices.

Participants in the program enjoy 24/7 access to the results, and can download reports based on the entire nation, or choose to filter reports based on facility ownership, number of residents, and geographic location, among many other filters. Each year, ANFP conducts an annual benchmarking survey, so that trends and changes over time can be reported in subsequent years.

Confidentiality is key to this initiative. ANFP has partnered with Dynamic Benchmarking to host the program and maintain confidentiality. Individual facility information is viewable only by that facilities’ registered participants. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Gordon Food Service and Intalere, this program is FREE to all participants.

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