Corporate Sponsorship

NFEF Corporate Sponsorships

Support the foodservice industry by becoming an NFEF sponsor. NFEF has three main activities:  Original industry research, Grants benefiting CDM, CFPPs and aspiring CDM, CFPPs, and Education.  

NFEF sponsors are recognized throughout the year on the NFEF website and in Edge Magazine, with increasing levels of recognition for higher-level sponsors.  Sponsor levels include: 

Pinnacle Level - $10,000+
Visionary Level - $5,000 - $9,999
Patron Level - $1,000 - $4,999
Friend Level - $250 - $999 

Get involved with NFEF today! Click below for more information on specific sponsor levels and sponsorship opportunities. 

Why Invest in NFEF?

As a corporate sponsor of the NFEF, your company is making our mission a reality! NFEF’s mission is centered on engaging in research and education to improve the health of the nation through grant programs, advancement of innovation, and identifying best practices in food safety and foodservice management. Corporate Sponsor donations support grant opportunities for nutrition and foodservice professionals and students, including Certification Exam grants, Student grants, and continuing education grants to certified professionals.

Invest in the future and strengthen the profession by getting involved today!

"Sponsoring potential dietary managers improves the quality of food service being delivered in healthcare. Hormel Health Labs makes quality of life of our consumers the top priority of our products. Creating a relationship with future managers help our brand throughout the food service industry but more importantly elevates the daily life of our consumers through better food."

- Timothy R Garry RD, LD