Q: Can I get CE credit for a program previously attended?

A: Once CE hours have been earned for a specific program, it cannot be resubmitted for credit again, regardless of whether it is in a new certification period. Credit can only be earned once for any given program.

Q: If I earn extra CE hrs in my qualifying period, can I transfer them to the next 3-year period?

A: Sorry, no, you cannot.

Q:How do I use a Subsequent Approval Form?

A: Effective June 1, 2014 Subsequent Approval Forms are no longer necessary. The most effective way to report your CE hours is through CE self-reporting.

Q: Can I report Food Shows for CE hrs?

A: You can earn a maximum of 5 CE hours per 3-year CE cycle from viewing exhibits at food shows. A copy of a badge, receipt or certificate and page from a flyer or brochure showing the amount of time allocated to the food show and to each seminar attended must be filed for auditing/verification purposes.

Q: Do I report an inservice program for CE hrs?

A: Yes. However, if the meeting content relates to company/facility policy, procedure, production, HR issues, etc. it will not qualify for CE credit.

Q: Can I earn CE for coursework?

A:Yes. Each semester/credit hour is worth 18 CE credits.

Q: What types of programs are considered “Sanitation and Food Safety”?

A:Programs that address safe food handling and storage, infection control, time and temperature regulations, HACCP principles, food allergies, HIV/AIDS, ServSafe, hygiene, disaster planning and pandemic disease are eligible for sanitation CE.

ANFP offers you many sanitation CE options, such as ANFP Online Course titles in Food Safety, and the ongoing Food Protection Connection articles available in Nutrition & Foodservice Edge magazine in the ANFP Marketplace.

Q: What happens if I don’t meet the requirements for CE and the annual maintenance fee?

A: If you do not maintain your credential through required CE and fees, you will no longer be certified. You will need to reinstate your credential. You will only be eligible to earn CE once you have completed the reinstatement process. No CE can be earned for events attended during your inactive period.

Q: How do I know if my CE hours were approved?

A: The Professional Development Services Department will inform you if your request for subsequent approval was denied for any reason via email or mail. You can check your CE hours in ANFP Member Login, or call ANFP to check your hours, 800.323.1908.

Q: How do I know if I am short CE?

A: In January, the year your 3-year CE period ends, you will receive a reminder by mail if you are short CE hours and in March you will receive an e-mail reminder, if you are still short hours. However, ANFP strongly recommends that you keep track of your CE throughout your CE period by contacting ANFP or checking your CE report online.

Q: How can I check my CE status online?

A: Enter Member Login on the ANFP website at www.anfponline.org.

IMPORTANT: Always keep a copy of everything you submit for CE hours.