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Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals
PO Box 3610
St. Charles, IL 60174

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Tel: 800.323.1908 or 630.587.6336
Fax: 630.587.6308


Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CT

ANFP Staff

Joyce Gilbert Headshot

Joyce Gilbert, PhD, RDN

President & CEO

Fun Fact: I have had two cathartic journeys across the US on my motorcycle.


Lisa Feltz

Executive Administrative Assistant

Fun Fact: As a child, for fun I used to drive a pony wagon when visiting my grandparent’s farm in Wisconsin and helped milk the cows.


Membership Department

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Professional Services, also known as Member Services, is a full service center that provides support to members, educators, and the general public via phone and e-mail in addition to managing and coordinating internal processes and procedures that impact the livelihood of our members and the core of ANFP. Professional Services is your go-to destination with any questions or concerns regarding ANFP and the CDM, CFPP credential.

Jay Carino Headshot

Jay Cariño, MBA, CAE

Vice President of Member Services

Fun Fact: My dream job is to travel the world helping people in under developed countries.

Ania Flaim Headshot

Ania Flaim

Professional Services Manager

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Poland and speak Polish and English fluently.


Dawn Teubner

Professional Services Prior Approval Specialist

Fun Fact: I once walked up the stairs, 674 steps in all, to the base level of the Eiffel Tower in heels, due to the mistranslation of the "walk-up" sign. 


Kim Gramme

Professional Services Associate

Fun Fact: I enjoy traveling and visiting national parks.

Allison Pate Headshot

Allison Pate

Professional Services Associate

Fun Fact: I volunteer at my church in the Kids World program.

Beth Vitek Headshot

Beth Vitek

Professional Services Associate

Fun Fact: One of my favorite places is Myrtle Beach, SC.


Chapters Department


The Chapters department serves as the liaison between ANFP headquarters and 47 state ANFP chapters. The department provides training, guidance, and resources to chapter leaders and volunteers to ensure the success of the chapters and their members.

Abigail Solazzo Headshot

Abigail Solazzo

Chapters & Leadership Manager

Fun Fact: Visiting Greece with my husband and two sons is at the top of my bucket list.


Industry Relations Department


This department is responsible for strategic industry partnerships that advance the mission of ANFP. Included in this area are programs with healthcare groups, associations, and other non-commercial foodservice organizations, Corporate Partner membership and marketing programs, ANFP live events, and Nutrition & Foodservice Edge magazine.


Marla Isaacs, CAE

Executive Vice President

Fun Fact: My first job at age 15 was as a "coffee girl" in the kitchen of a nursing home.  I was an entry-level employee, but that experience helped me understand the important work our members do to lead dining operations, although the environment has certainly changed over the years!

Madh Carson

Madh Carson

Business Development Manager

Fun Fact: Before I started a family, I sang in a Chicago area cover band for nine years.


Julie Rogers

Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Fun Fact: I took a Chinese martial art, Tai Chi Chuan, class once per week for 11 consecutive years. I did not miss class because I was in the carpool with the Master.


Certification Department

This department is responsible for implementing and maintaining all Certifying Board for Dietary Managers (CBDM) Certification Program policies. The Certification Department oversees the CDM, CFPP Certification Program and works to ensure the continued integrity of the CDM, CFPP credential.


Katherine Church, RDN

Executive Director (CBDM) & Senior Vice President (ANFP)

Fun Fact: I was a competitive swimmer.


Elaine Mrzlak, MS, MEd, RDN

Certification Manager

Fun Fact: I do all kinds of crafts, including restoring/upcycling furniture and home décor.


Education & Events Department

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The Education & Events department is responsible for the development of top-notch continuing education offerings for CDM, CFPPs. Additionally, this department develops and maintains relationships with schools across the country in order to implement ANFP-Approved Training Programs. This department also oversees coordination and programming for all ANFP live events.

Cindy Zemko Headshot

Cindy Zemko, BS, CDM, CFPP

Director of Education & Events

Fun Fact: I am a Parrot Head and you can find me often listening and singing to Margaritaville radio.

Jenny Smith-Rios Headshot

Jenny Smith Rios, BS

Education Coordinator

Fun Fact: My guilty pleasure is peanut buster parfaits.


Marketing Department


This department works closely with all other departments to effectively communicate benefits, resources, and other information to ANFP members. The department manages ANFP's e-mails, social media profiles, media partnerships with like-minded industry organizations, the ANFP and CBDM websites, and more.


Brad Rysz, MBA, CAE

Director of Marketing & Communications

Fun Fact: I can pick out all 197 countries of the world on a map.


Emily Harris, MBA, CAE

Marketing Manager

Fun Fact: I love crafting and I host a Pinterest party every year.


Emmy Bender

Marketing Associate

Fun Fact: I have a cat that plays fetch better than most dogs.


Finance Department


The Finance Department is responsible for ensuring the efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support the association’s business activities. Functions include bookkeeping, budgeting, tax, investment & employee benefit management, and financial reporting and analysis.


Jennifer Karson, CAE

Vice President of Finance & Operations

Fun Fact: I am a huge country music fan and love going to live concerts.


Michele Fairall

Accountant & Human Resources Manager

Fun Fact: I'm a photography geek and love to travel and take pictures.

Karen Szymski

Karen Szymski

Finance Coordinator

Fun Fact: I am a college football fan and love March Madness.


IT and Analytics Department

The IT and Analytics department manages the IT infrastructure, systems integration, and membership/certification databases at ANFP.

The Strategic Initiative/Analytics department works on research and data initiatives, including Skilled Nursing and other benchmarking initiatives, industry research, external and internal analytics, and supports the work of the Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation as well as the ANFP-PAC and Legislative Committees.


LeAnn Barlow, MBA

Executive Director (NFEF) & VP, Strategic Initiatives & Analytics (ANFP)

Fun Fact: I have performed professionally with members of the Houston Symphony.

Mary Simmonds Headshot

Mary Simmonds

IT Manager

Fun Fact: I love yoga and pit bulls.


Mindy Theesfeld

Foundation & Analytics Manager

Fun Fact: I love to sing.