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You'll Never Know if You Don't Ask: Getting Project Approval
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What kinds of ideas might you be seeking approval for? Are you looking for approval for a kitchen remodel or redesign project to ultimately improve efficiencies and workflow? Or, are you wanting additional staff, or a change to the staffing structure of your department? All are important and worthy of approval, but how you approach getting the approval will make or break the decision to approve. In this course, we will review the issues to consider when pitching your idea and learn approaches to sell a great idea through strong communication, persuasion and self-awareness. With downloadable assessment tools and worksheets, you can work through your project ideas to increase your chance of getting the approval you are looking for!


Know Your Sanitizer
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Supplement your learning with the CE article, Nutrition: Is There an App for That?


Standards of Practice for Individualized Diet Approaches
Online Course | 5 GEN CE

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The concept of liberalized diets is now main stream in long-term care. This course outlines the recommendations of the Dining Practice Standards from the Pioneer Network. The Standards help the Certified Dietary Managers identify dining requirements, importance of food selection and understand the requirements of CMS.

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Webinar | 1 GEN CE
Understanding Healthcare Foodservice: Skilled Care

In 2018, Technomic conducted an industry-wide, in-depth study on healthcare foodservice. Join us to discover specifics about the skilled nursing and long-term care segments of the study, learn about changes that have taken place since 2010, current concerns, and new and upcoming trends.

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Webinar | 1 GEN CE
Culinary Boot Camp: Cooking Tools and Fundamentals

Learn the basic fundamentals to develop a culinary culture in your foodservice operations by viewing multiple cooking demonstrations on a wide range of topics. This boot camp will provide fundamental culinary skills for you and your staff. Teaching areas include basic knife skills, how-to's on everyday kitchen tools, and in-depth tutorials on common cooking techniques such as baking, roasting, steaming, frying and braising.

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Webinar | 1 GEN CE
Malnutrition: What is it Costing Your Facility?

Malnutrition in the geriatric individual can lead to significant negative outcomes, therefore accurate and timely identification of malnutrition is essential to resident success. If malnutrition caused by chronic diseases is better addressed, the US could save $15.5 billion annually in healthcare spending. Foregoing a cookie cutter approach and individualizing nutrition intervention is key to the success of the resident.

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