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International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative
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Webinar | 1 GEN CE
Understanding Healthcare Foodservice: Skilled Care

In 2018, Technomic conducted an industry-wide, in-depth study on healthcare foodservice. Join us to discover specifics about the skilled nursing and long-term care segments of the study, learn about changes that have taken place since 2010, current concerns, and new and upcoming trends.

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Webinar | 1 GEN CE
Culinary Boot Camp: Cooking Tools and Fundamentals

Learn the basic fundamentals to develop a culinary culture in your foodservice operations by viewing multiple cooking demonstrations on a wide range of topics. This boot camp will provide fundamental culinary skills for you and your staff. Teaching areas include basic knife skills, how-to's on everyday kitchen tools, and in-depth tutorials on common cooking techniques such as baking, roasting, steaming, frying and braising.

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