Research Priorities

In 2023, the Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation created a Research Priorities Task Force to develop and adopt new research priorities using the new vision and mission statements. 

The task force prioritized these top five research questions: 

NFEF Research Priorities


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Additional Research Questions

Studies & Webinars

NFEF partnered with Technomic, one of the nation's leading food research firms, on a project that yielded data-drive evidence about the emerging trends in the dining habits and preferences of long-term care residents.

Key findings on current and future resident satisfaction and trends in foodservice in long-term care.

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Innovations and emerging trends in Long Term Care facilities.

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Promote and highlight foodservice innovation among operators.

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Online Research Tool

This Online Research Tool is a dashboard that highlights national statistics where registered users can take a deeper dive, and compare their facility to others nationally or in their state. This tool contains three years of inspection data for all Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services facilities.

Would you want to know the most common citations issued in your state before your inspection? Have you wondered about those nursing home star ratings and how your facility stacks up against like facilities? You can investigate this kind of data and more using the research tool!

Tutorial Videos

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