Real Rewards Cafe Partnership

Real Rewards Cafe Partnership

ANFP is proud to partner with Real Rewards Cafe!

Real Rewards Cafe allows foodservice operators like you to earn free rewards from qualifying food and equipment purchases to enhance your operations. There is no charge to you, and it is incredibly easy to participate! Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase qualifying products as listed at and in printed product guides
  2. Submit the distributor purchase verification to Real Rewards Cafe
  3. Real Rewards Cafe will deposit the points earned into your online account
  4. Redeem your points for relevant items and experiences to enhance your operation

You can also redeem Real Rewards Cafe points for your annual ANFP membership!

The video below provides more detailed information on using Real Rewards Cafe. 

Renew your ANFP Membership with Real Rewards Cafe Points

  1. Log in at
  2. Select My Transactions under the My Account Links list on the right-hand side
  3. Access the Invoice within the My Memberships section of the page
  4. You must select the red print icon to obtain the PDF version of your invoice
  5. Submit the PDF invoice to

Join as a new ANFP Member with Real Rewards Cafe Points

  1. Complete the PDF membership application
  2. Submit the complete application to

Activate Your CDM, CFPP Certification with Real Rewards Cafe Points

  1. Download the CDM, CFPP Certification Activation Form
  2. Submit the complete form to

Real Rewards Cafe will contact you directly upon review of your submitted documents.

Please submit your membership invoice, application, or activation form with enough time for processing to ensure your fees are paid and processed by the August 31 due date and to avoid late fees.

For additional questions pertaining to Real Rewards Cafe, please call 877.212.4277 or e-mail