Top 10 Tips to Tackle Social Media in the Workplace
Part II

List Compiled by: Amy Bollam, RDN, LD, MPS

The following Top 10 list is for those who have social media accounts for their facility and are looking for ways to improve them.

1.Represent Your Reality

Do you have food images on a menu board or printed menu? Do you have images of food in your marketing material? Use what is around you to create interesting and relatable visuals! Don’t just use stock images found on the internet!

2. Master the Food Photo Op

Take photos effortlessly using a photography lightbox. Your pictures will pop and using it often for your posts will create consistency on your social sites. If you don’t have access to a lightbox, try making sure you take your photos in a light room with a solid background.

3. Use a Hashtag

Engage with your followers by creating a hashtag for them to use. Including a hashtag(s) in your posts allows you and your followers to view and share content in a streamlined fashion. Examples: #food #foodservice #deliciousfood. Take a look at popular accounts and see the hashtags that they use.

4. Ask for Feedback

Politely ask your users to leave reviews on your social media pages. Just remember, it is important to respond promptly and in a professional manner to any concerns or criticism

5. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Take advantage of sharing content across multiple outlets. Start simple with a blog post or article. Publish it on your website, share it on social media, and link to the social media post in your next e-mail newsletter!

6. Develop Your Social Media Style and Stick to it

Your social media followers will see your style as part of your organization’s image, resulting in positive brand recognition. If you have a brand style guide, ensure your ideas fall within the guidelines before sharing them on your social sites.

7. Receive Approval First

It is important to obtain photo and video release forms from anyone who will appear in your marketing or media images, videos, etc. It is equally important to discuss social media consent with your staff.

8. Always Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Social media is an excellent sharing tool, and it is easy to find interesting content, images, and other valuable content. If you share someone else’s work, be sure to give them a nod in your post.

9. Location, Location, Location

Posting an ad on social media may be a great way to reach an audience that connects with your brand. Among many reasons to advertise on social media, your ad is more likely to have a prime location on a user’s social media feed. You can also target specific audiences to ensure your money is well-spent and reaches the right individuals.

10. Take Advantage of (FREE!) Resources

Many resources are available to use when posting on social media. Scheduling posts in advance is available for free through sites like HootSuite and Buffer. Canva offers thousands of images and fonts to use for free to create appealing imagery for your posts.

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