State Regulations

State Regulations

Dietary staffing requirements and sanitation credentialing requirements vary by state and by facility type. Find out more about your state's regulations.

The majority of states have enacted laws which regulate the practice of dietetics. These laws may define what tasks may be performed ONLY by a qualified dietitian. If you practice dietary management in these states, it is important that you understand the regulations.

Staffing Regulations by State

Dietary staffing requirements vary by state and by facility type. Download the PDF linked below to find requirements for each state as outlined by the state's health department regulations. Long term care requirements listed on the top half of each page, hospital requirements listed on the bottom half of each page. For further clarification, please contact the state health department.

Updated as of April 2020

Staffing Regulations

Food Code and Regulatory Entities

To review the most up-to-date food code in your state, select the button below.

Food Code

State Licensure Agency List

View the link below from the Commission on Dietetics Registration the credentialing agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics listing the state licensure agencies.