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By law (the Federal Election Campaign Act), ANFP members are eligible to make contributions to the association’s Political Action Committee, ANFP-PAC. Members include professional, certified, retired, and allied professional members.

All donations (contributions) must be from personal funds using cash, check, or credit card, and must be accompanied with a PAC donation form. This form must include full name, address, e-mail address, ANFP membership ID number, and signature. (Contributions are not tax deductible.)

For more information or to download the form and make an individual donation, please click here.

Please note that chapters themselves cannot contribute to ANFP-PAC. If chapters receive individual donations, they must remit payments to ANFP-PAC immediately following any collection of donations. Also, because corporations are prohibited from contributing to ANFP-PAC, chapters should not accept such contributions from vendors at state meetings.

Click below to download a printable flyer with the information on this page.

Printable PDF Flyer