My Recipe for Success

Kim Kyle, CDM, CFPP

Fort Worth, TX
ANFP Member since: 2008

Kim Kyle, CDM, CFPP

Kim thinks that for a department to be successful, you need to “grow” your team! Below is her recipe for team growth: 

Kim's Recipe for Success 

  1. Plant seeds of knowledge in your team through training, webinars or sharing of experiences that they (or you) may have had in your career.  
  2. Water them with praise and appreciation! Even mistakes can be lifelong learning opportunities. 
  3. Nurture your teams’ individual strengths. Show them how different ways of thinking can lead to great discoveries in our work and personal lives. 
  4. Fertilize their passions, whether it is in foodservice or another discipline. This will show your team that you care about them as human beings.  
  5. Shine a spotlight on them. Introduce them to your clients, coworkers, and department heads so they know that they are a valuable part of the team! 
  6. If some of your team need more time to grow than others, come up with a plan to help keep them engaged until they succeed. 
  7. Weed out the scrawny plants that refuse to grow. 
  8. Start thinking about your harvest. Which team members have the potential and are interested in doing what you do? 
  9. Choose one or two team members that are interested in becoming a CDM, CFPP and help get them started on the path to becoming one. Be a mentor! 
  10.  Remember to take care of yourself and the team. Without you both there are no successes!  

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