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Becky Massey, CDM, CFPP
Perrysburg, OH
ANFP Member since: 1968

Becky Massey, CDM, CFPP

Rebecca (Becky) Massey, CDM, CFFP has been an ANFP member since 1968 (54 years), serving as president-elect and president of the NW Ohio district and the Ohio state chapter numerous times throughout the years. She is a Certified ServSafe Instructor and Registered ServSafe Examination Proctor. Massey worked in foodservice as an expeditor for Cedar Point Amusement Park dining services, Mercy Hospital dietary department, and retired from The Little Sisters of the Poor and Gardens of St. Francis as a foodservice director after 38 years. She taught food management and food safety classes for Washington Local Schools and Penta Skill Center adult education departments. Working in foodservice and teaching others to learn, appreciate, and grow in foodservice and this professional organization has been her life’s work.

Becky’s Recipe for Success 

1. Be a positive, enthusiastic, flexible leader who practices clear, frequent communication skills and is a team player with both employees and administration.

2. Make the people you serve your number one priority.

3. Build a trusting relationship with your employees - sharing knowledge, expressing your confidence in them, delegating tasks to them, and following through with attention to their progress.

4. Look and listen with an open mind. Keep Learning!

5. Support the people you serve, your staff and administration with compassion and empathy.

6. Explain “What’s In It For Me” when setting goals with your staff and encourage going beyond usual expectations or “Going The Extra Mile” to keep up with change. It’s a given in today’s fast paced, ever-changing world.

7. Show appreciation by following through, following up, and rewarding with a verbal or written thank you, gifts, and special activities. Special Pride in Foodservice activities are a great way to do this!

8. Make room for versatility and creativity to keep things fresh and interesting in the workplace.

9. Include facility, staff and family members in special occasions such as holiday parties, picnics, and of course Pride In Foodservice activities.

10. Be involved in your professional organization. Volunteer for offices, committees, events and learning the latest trends in foodservice. That’s what keeps you a step ahead of the game and adds to your long, successful career in foodservice!

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