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Deborah McDonald, CDM, CFPP
Burkburnett, TX
ANFP Member since: 1991


Deborah McDonald is the Food Service Program Administrator at North Texas State Hospital. She has been a member of ANFP since 1991 and a CDM, CFPP since 1992. She served as the Chair of the ANFP Board in FY2016 and has been an active volunteer with ANFP and her state chapter for many years. Read below to hear Deborah’s Recipe for Success for a long, successful career in food service. 

Deborah's Recipe for Success

  • It is important to be trustworthy: be honest, keep promises, and treat others as you want to be treated.

  • Have good communication skills. It is important to be able to listen and be an active listener. You need to be able to express needs and concerns in order to build up our team.

  • Be sure to set goals for yourself to achieve. Set realistic goals and share your vision with your team. 

  • Take risks. Even though failure is still an option, it could also lead to success. 

  • Never ask your team to do something that you are not willing to do. Set the example for your team.

  • Have compassion. Having empathy for your team is important because everyone has human needs. It is important to relate to someone else’s situation, while also staying focused on the goal for the operation. 

  • Be fair to all. Treat everyone with respect.

  • It is important to stay positive, even in a situation that could have a negative effect on you or your staff.Your positivity can calm the staff in a negative situation. 

  • Be committed and dedicated to quality which will ultimately improve your operation.

  • Enjoy your work. Be proud to provide a service that you promise to whom you serve.  

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