ANFP ACE Awards 2019

Congratulations to the 2019 ANFP award recipients! These CDM, CFPPs and other individuals who support the nutrition and foodservice industry were recognized at the Honors Gala on Thursday, June 27, 2019. ANFP celebrates the critical work they are doing across the country to provide innovative leadership and support the value of the CDM, CFPP credential.


Ambassador Award

Betty Barton, RD, LD, MS

Betty has been a long-time ambassador for the CDM, CFPP credential and an example of advocacy for all in the nutrition and foodservice industry. She is an active dietitian in her community of Ames, IA. She earned her Masters Degree in Nutrition from Iowa State University in 1973.  For 15 years, Betty demonstrated her commitment to the CDM, CFPP Credential by running the Des Moines Area Community College Food Service Manager Program. Her dedication includes visiting employers to educate them on the importance of the credential and lobbying to state legislators to champion the need for CDMs in Long-Term Care Facilities.


Partnership Award

Carol Bowles, CDM, CFPP

Carol is a Healthcare Manager at Sysco, an ANFP Corporate Partner company. Certified herself, Carol has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the CDM, CFPP credential in her personal and professional endeavors. She has served as an ANFP speaker on various occasions, has represented Sysco at several events, and is a certified ServSafe instructor. Carol is also active in the Virginia chapter of ANFP, having previously served as Secretary and Treasurer.


Horizon Award

Toni Skaggs, CDM, CFPP

Toni has served as the manager of her facility’s Gourmet Coffee Shop since January 2018. She demonstrates her commitment to inclusion in her facility by personally working with her customers to incorporate a wider variety of food items suited to various diets and tastes. Her leadership extends beyond the workplace as well; she currently serves as the ANFP Wyoming chapter president, a platform through which she has already hosted a joint conference with the Utah chapter. She has also recently joined ANFP’s Young Professional Advisory Council.

John-Brooks Aaron-Savickis

Innovation Award

John Brooks, CDM, CFPP and Aaron Savickis, CDM, CFPP

John and Aaron work for the Food & Nutrition Department for Eskenazi Health Hospital. John and Aaron have demonstrated a commitment to innovation in the industry through specialized programs at their facility. They helped to implement the Frozen Food Production Concept that services Eskenazi’s Meals on Wheels program. This program has proven to be an innovative and cost-effective way to run the Meals on Wheels program without interrupting normal customer and patient operations.


Dining Distinction Award

Teresa Perez, CDM, CFPP

Terri Perez has been in long-term care for nearly 20 years. Terri proves her commitment to creating an optimal dining experience for each of her residents. By getting to know her residents on an individual level, Terri is able to narrow in on the needs and preferences of the individuals in order to create a better dining experience for all. Terri’s facility provides over 500 meals a day to residents, staff, and volunteers. She strives to provide a dining experience that feels individualized and restaurant-quality, overall improving the experience of the residents in their long-term care facility.


Distinguished Service Award (Member)

Lavone Cook, CDM, CFPP

Lavone is currently the Director of Food & Nutrition Services at the Augusta University Medical Center in Augusta, Ga. A devoted ANFP member since 2008, Lavone is especially passionate about advocacy to those who are interested in becoming CDM, CFPPs. As past president of the Georgia ANFP chapter, Lavone encourages CDMs to become active in chapter operations through volunteerism and advocacy. Lavone is passionate about philanthropy and promotes the ANFP mission in all her personal and professional endeavors.


Distinguished Service Award (Corporate)

Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service is a multi-billion-dollar International Corporation offering more than 16,000 nationally-branded specialty, private label, and exclusive products to over 100,000 customers covering two-thirds of the United States population and throughout Canada. An ANFP Corporate Partner, Gordon Food Service services a variety of markets, including all areas of healthcare: hospitals, long-term care, senior living, and senior community programs among others. From their customers’ perspective, Gordon Food Service ranks highly in the resources, tools, and solutions they offer; yet their service is what still stands out as most compelling. They also operate over 175 Gordon Food Service stores, making their products available for any last-minute needs.


CDM Spotlight Award

Bradley Hayden, CDM, CFPP 

Bradley currently serves as the Director of Support Services at Daughters of Charity Ministries in Evansville, Ind. He is the current President Elect of the ANFP Indiana Chapter and will transition to President during the fall of 2019. Brad embodies the ideals of a volunteer leader by bringing fresh ideas to Indiana ANFP. As a result, Indiana ANFP has developed a service project for the chapter in partnership with Meals on Wheels. Brad also assists in feeding the homeless and works at a shelter in addition to his full-time job at Daughters of Charity Ministries. Members of the Indiana chapter recognize Brad for his dedication and look forward to his tenure as president.


Legacy Award

Pamela Brummit, MA, RD, LD

Pamela is the Founder/President of Brummit & Associates, Inc., a dietary consulting firm. She has held more than 20 board positions in local, state, and national dietetic associations, including ANFP’s Program Review Committee. Pam has also held various positions at the chapter level and has presented over 50 programs for national and state professional meetings, including ANFP regional and chapter meetings. Pam has taught a dietary managers course for over 30 years. She currently teaches at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.

Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital

Foodservice Department of the Year Award

Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital

The staff at Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital strives to have an open line of communication at all times to create a successful department. Each week, team members huddle together and are encouraged to convey concerns, express areas needing improvement, and share positive aspects of the department. Open communication is key to an effective work environment, allowing individuals to better understand one another and make departmental enhancements.

The foodservice department’s day-to-day operations impact the overall patient satisfaction rate by the level of patient care. The foodservice department delivers patients’ food trays with quality, five-star rated meals. Each tray is presented with a small vase of flowers and a wrapped cloth napkin to add a special touch.

Staff developed a take-home care package for patients to enjoy an easy, at-home meal while recovering from surgery. This care package includes soup, an assortment of snacks, bottled water, and silverware packets - all nestled in a Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital branded cooler.

The mission of SFSH is PRIDE: Personalized - Responsive - Innovative Care - Dedicated to Excellence.

One of the main goals in the hospitality department is to maintain a high standard in meal preparation. In 2018, the per patient day (PPD) cost decreased by nearly 37 percent. This decrease is attributed to the efforts made in changing to a room-service style option. Additionally, food procurement, production costs, and waste were significantly reduced.

Teamwork has specifically impacted the overall operation of this department and is reflected in state and national surveys. The foodservice department has received 100 percent food scores for four consecutive years and passed state inspections with zero deficiencies. With minor changes to food distributors, the foodservice department is now able to maintain cost-effective and long-term business goals, saving $35,000 in operations annually.

The SFSH foodservice department prides itself on exceptional patient care and being one of only 37 five-star rated hospitals in the country.


Diamond Award


Iowa ANFP, this year’s Diamond Award recipient, focused on the well-being of animals in relief areas for hardship-laden elders during the state’s long winter months. They raised funds through sales of raffle tickets and the silent auction at their fall workshop to be donated to no-kill animal shelters, to help off-set the cost of badly needed food and other supplies. Members also created pet care packages that were delivered with their local Meals on Wheels recipients and other congregate meal sites during the winter months. Through their efforts, the chapter made a positive impact that will have a lasting effect on the communities and the individuals that reside in the state.


Becky Rude Excellence in Leadership Award

Becky Rude, MS, RD, CDM, CFPP

Becky has been in the nutrition and foodservice industry for over 44 years, most recently serving as the Program Director at the University of North Dakota. Under her leadership, thousands of students have successfully completed the course and have gone on to become CDMs.  She was also responsible for implementing Pathway V and most recently, III(b) to the UND program parameters to help individuals become eligible to take the CDM exam. Additionally, Becky is a world-class author of numerous continuing education courses at UND, the CDM live exam review course, and developed ANFP Practice Standards materials among many other publications. Throughout her career, Becky also dedicated years of service in countless volunteer leadership roles, including the ANFP board of directors, two terms on the CBDM, including serving as chair, trustee on our Foundation Board, member of the Industry Advisory Council, and a host of additional committees and Task Forces. Through her leadership on our boards and advocacy for CDMs, she has upheld the integrity of the credential and the organization.

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