Important Deadlines

by Abigail Solazzo

ANFP offers an adversity rebate for chapters that need additional financial assistance in addition to their bi-annual rebate and revenue produced from chapter programs.

Adversity Rebate

The adversity rebate is to help off-set ANFP chapter operational costs related to meetings, programs, or other initiatives. If you would like to apply for the adversity rebate, the next deadline is March 1, 2019 for a March 30 rebate distribution. Applications are accepted quarterly and can be found on ANFPConnect, Volunteer Resources, Chapter Management.

If you have not yet submitted the required documents for the chapter rebate, please do so as soon as possible as rebates will no longer be given past February 28.

Chapter Rebates – Part 2

  • Bylaws – Reviewed by all board members. Edited as needed. (Bylaws require membership review and approval of 2/3 vote.)
  • Policies & Procedures – Reviewed by all board members. Edited as needed. Policies and procedures require board (majority) approval.
  • Bi-Annual Chapter Achievement Rebate Report – Download from the chapter portal.
  • Annual Succession Plan – Download outline from the chapter portal.
  • ACE Award Nomination – For more information or to submit a nomination please click here.

Awards & End of the Year Statement

  • Chapter Awards – Applications are found in the Chapter Portal. Due March 31
  • End of the Year Financial Statement – Due May 15