Making the Most of Social Media

by Abigail Solazzo

With so many ways to get in touch with our members and other chapter leaders, we want to be sure we ‘connect the dots’ of communication and social media for our members and prospective members.

For the chapters that use social media, make sure your accounts are linked to the ANFP website and vice versa. Social media icons are located on the ‘About Our Chapter’ page on each of our chapter websites. If the social media account is linked on the chapter website, members are able to share this information directly from the ‘About Our Chapter’ page and gain access to the chapter’s social media accounts from one place.

The same goes for those chapters using apps for chapter meetings or otherwise. Most apps will allow you to link various social media accounts to the app.

Also, be sure that your social media accounts have your chapter’s website information. This allows communication or access to contact information to go both ways. Please send your social media page information to