Making the Most of Social Media

by Abigail Solazzo

Chapter meetings can be promoted in a number of ways: e-mail, chapter website, newsletters, save-the-dates and social media. As we know, your posts can reach users on social media that it may not reach through another type of communication by simply hitting the ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ button on the social media app.

Chapter leaders should encourage members to share, repost, or retweet any posts about upcoming meetings or events in order to reach a larger audience. To entice members to help with spreading the word, make it a contest. See who will share the information at least 5-10 times within a given timeframe. The more a member shares, the more their chances increase to win the contest or perhaps be entered into a raffle. The prize could be a discounted meeting registration, ANFP merchandise, or gift cards, along with recognition and bragging rights!