Food for Thought

by Abigail Solazzo

As our fall chapter meetings have concluded, we need to shift our focus to the year ahead. Specifically, our succession plan and how we, as chapter leaders, can better plan for the future and prepare to ‘pass the torch’ to the younger generation. To help get them started and engaged, consider creating roles that: serve a purpose, are impactful, are meaningful to those serving, and can be completed remotely.

Website or Chapter Portal Ambassadors
As we know, Millennials are tech-savvy and can navigate just about any website with ease. Consider creating a role for younger members where they become the expert on the ANFP website or the chapter portal (if granted access). Members often have questions about both. While staff is here to help and assist at any time, it would be beneficial to have a member(s) available to answer questions face-to-face about both platforms at your next chapter meeting.

Social Media Superstars
For some of our chapters, social media remains an untapped resource, when it should be a regular part of our communication plan. Millennials are known to be regular and heavy-users of social media whether its Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Take advantage of this and have a younger member regularly post on behalf of the chapter. A list of content and posts can be created ahead of time and should be approved by the board.

Tech Titans
With most of our work being completed electronically, it’s important we understand tech platforms and tools, and how to use them in order to simplify our lives. Ask one of your younger members to become a tech trainer, a volunteer that can assist members with their tech questions, demo tech features and shortcuts, and teach best practices on tech tools like sorting spreadsheets, merging labels, setting up/using PayPal or building forms via JotForm (online form builder).

Service Project Pioneers
Millennials are known for wanting to make a positive impact whether its in their professional environment, or for the greater good. Why not start with their local chapter? Create a committee or task force of younger members and task them with developing a plan for service projects which all ANFP chapter members can take part in at the next chapter meeting.

We can also ask our younger members about the type of roles they would like to fill and what they can contribute. When our younger members are given volunteer options that appeal to them, they are more likely to become engaged and contribute to the growth of the chapter in ways that we may not have been explored before.