Volunteer of the Month

by Abigail Solazzo


This month we are honoring Toni Skaggs CDM, CFPP, of the Wyoming ANFP chapter, as our Volunteer of the Month. Toni became certified in 2016 and jumped right into volunteering with her chapter as the president-elect. She then stepped into the role of president shortly thereafter and continues to serve in this role as of today. In 2019, she also served on the Young Members Advisory Council, a group of appointed members that guides the direction and focus on member recruitment and retention of individuals new to the profession and persons under the age of 35.

When Toni first stepped into the chapter volunteer role, she was not familiar with some of the responsibilities and faced various challenges. However, through this experience she has learned a great deal about chapter management and administration, and herself, and she has set an example for other members as a leader that is not afraid to step into the great unknown of chapter leadership.

She hopes by leading by example, that others will step outside their own comfort zones and volunteer with the chapter. Toni would also like to see the WY ANFP chapter continue collaborating with others states for chapter meetings as they have done in the past with Utah and Colorado with great success.

When asked about her thoughts on those members that may be hesitant to volunteer, Toni states “Just say yes. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and the experience has definitely added skills and knowledge to my toolbox I will carry to everything I do in life. It hasn’t always been easy but there has always been someone willing to help me from my state chapter or from nationals. It has truly been rewarding to be a part of something bigger.”

Thank you, Toni, for your dedication and service to ANFP! You have shown members that taking a risk is well worth the effort and has led to many great accomplishments! Congratulations on the many successes and more to come!

If you would like to nominate yourself or another volunteer, please email Abigail Solazzo at asolazzo@ANFPonline.org.