Volunteer of the Month

by Abigail Solazzo


This month we are honoring MO ANFP Chapter Treasurer, Marsha Lutjen, CDM, CFPP, as our Volunteer of the Month. Marsha first joined ANFP in 1986. She attended her very first meeting in Kansas City, MO, a joint chapter meeting between the MO and KS ANFP chapters, where she was warmly greeted by Brenda Perkins; a memory that has stuck with her through the years. When she first joined, she went to meetings, sat in the back of the room, and didn’t have much interaction with other members. After a couple of years, she decided she wanted more out of the meeting and her membership, so she volunteered; almost 34 years later, the rest is history. The more active she became, the more she learned.

Marsha began volunteering with the chapter by serving as the membership chairman. From there, Marsha served in various roles at the district and state level throughout the years. Her roles at the state level include newsletter editor, program chair, treasurer, president and many others. At the district level she has served as treasurer, president and program host. In addition to her district and state roles, Marsha also served at the national level on the Government Affairs Committee, PAC, and as a Director at Large for the Board of Directors. Her dedication to the credential and hard work as a volunteer were recognized when she received the Legacy Award in 2011.

Marsha has positively impacted the chapter by continuously striving to be approachable to members, greeting them with a smile, being helpful, and letting each person know how important they are to our organization and to her as an individual.

Moving forward, Marsha would like to see the chapter develop a mentor program for newly elected officers/committee chairs as well as potential new volunteers. Additionally, she would like to see all members involved with the chapter and believes this can happen by assessing the chapter and their needs and making changes to better serve our members.   

As a veteran volunteer, Marsha encourages members to not be afraid to take that first step outside your comfort level and know that the experiences as a volunteer leader will only enhance your career as CDM, as well as an individual. 

Thank you to Marsha for your enthusiasm and all the years of hard work for ANFP and the MO chapter! Your dedication is greatly valued and appreciated!

If you would like to nominate yourself or another volunteer, please email Abigail Solazzo at asolazzo@ANFPonline.org.