Volunteer of the Month

by Abigail Solazzo


This month we are featuring Dorothy Radermacher, CDM, CFPP, of the Minnesota (MN) ANFP chapter. Dorothy, a 50-year member, joined ANFP in 1970 and has a long and robust volunteer career with ANFP as well as many other organizations. At the national level, she is currently serving on two ANFP committees, the Chapter Leadership Team and the Program Review Committee. Dorothy is also currently serving as a Foundation trustee. Dorothy is just as involved at the chapter level as well. Within her state, she is currently serving on the Awards & Recognition and Leadership Development, Education Committee, Strategic Planning Committees, and the Impact and Legislative Team. She has held many past positions at the chapter and national level as well. 

Having dedicated so many years to ANFP, Dorothy’s involvement, recruitment efforts, and confidence building in volunteers has made a lasting impact, that ultimately helped to advance their careers. Often, when members are asked why they got involved, or who their biggest influence has been, it is Dorothy’s name that is stated over and over again, clearly having left an impact on those that have followed in her footsteps. She is known for providing continuous encouragement and support to members and volunteers. Dorothy has a knack for spotting members with a set of skills that have leadership potential and is not bashful about asking them to get involved. She gets much satisfaction watching them grow and seeing them aspire to national leadership levels.

As Dorothy looks ahead at the future of the MN chapter, she will continue promote and build awareness around the credential and the CDM, CFPP profession. She would like to see a career path established that starts with foodservice in the home, the school, and introduction to careers in food and nutrition services. She believes CDMs are just as worthy as engineers, doctors, technology professionals, or professors.   

Dorothy’s advice to prospective volunteers is to start with one tiny step. She states “Challenge yourself, believe in yourself. If someone believes in you, trust them. Follow your hopes and dreams. It's amazing the opportunities and recognition's that will come your way by simply making yourself available with confidence.”

Dorothy was honored with the Legacy Award in 2018 to recognize her unyielding dedication to ANFP and the many generous years of service she has given this organization.

Thank you, Dorothy, for your passion, support, hard work and service to ANFP and the MN Chapter. We are beyond grateful for volunteers such as you!  We look forward to working with you in the coming volunteer year!

If you would like to nominate yourself or another volunteer, please email Abigail Solazzo at asolazzo@ANFPonline.org