Volunteer of the Month

by Abigail Solazzo

Wayne Kuhn Headshot In honor of the upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 8-12, 2019), and as result from the volunteer satisfaction survey, we will be highlighting a chapter leader as ‘Volunteer of the Month’ in each issue of Volunteer Leader. We will feature a volunteer who has contributed to the chapter through years of service and support and has made a positive impact through their contributions and leadership.

This month, we are featuring Wayne Kuhn, immediate Past President, of the MD, DE, DC ANFP Chapter. Wayne has been a member since 1977 when ANFP was known as HIEFSS (Hospital, Institution and Educational Food Service Society). He began his time as a volunteer in 1980 by starting with small, one-off volunteer jobs. Eventually he began to get to know the board members and more about board functionality during his years as a volunteer. With this knowledge and exposure, he then began working his way up the volunteer ladder by serving in different roles such as the newsletter editor, secretary, program chair, and even playing a role at the national meeting in Pittsburgh in 1987. Wayne has also served on the Item Writers Committee, the Government Affairs Council, and is a Leadership Institute Alumni. Through his many years as a volunteer, Wayne has served as the chapter president for five terms (inconsecutively). During his years as a volunteer, Wayne and the other chapter leaders have successfully held their annual ‘Workshop by the Sea’ that will celebrate 24 years this fall. Additionally, Wayne and the chapter have had much success with recruiting and retaining volunteers through mentorships and conflict resolution.

As for the future of his chapter, Wayne would like to see the chapter continue with their annual fall workshop and continue to build their succession plan with new volunteers. He would also like to see more members become involved with committees at the chapter level, which they have already had some success with in the past.

What advice does Wayne have for those who are hesitant to volunteer? “Get in there, get your feet wet, involve yourself, make friends, and don’t sit back. You’re investing in your own self. You’re becoming a better professional and a better person. Find one person you are comfortable with and get them to pull you along for awhile. Its about learning to be professional and believe in what you’re doing. I’ve gained so much from volunteering.”

Though he said at times he was discouraged, he always came back and tried again and learned new skills that were necessary for his role, and he attended many annual meetings that have benefited him personally and professionally.

Congratulations to Wayne on all his accomplishments as a CDM, CFPP and as an ANFP Volunteer! Thank you for your years of service, determination, and dedication to ANFP, Wayne!

If you would like to nominate yourself or another volunteer, please email Abigail Solazzo. (All nominations are confidential.)