ROOTS Roundup

by Mindy Theesfeld, Foundation and Analytics Manager

As we kick off a new year, Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP will continue to serve as the Chair of the Government Affairs committee. This committee is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive and effective government affairs strategies for the association on both the federal and state levels. Continuing their service on the committee are Judith Hazlett, CDM, CFPP; Cindy Cothern, CDM, CFPP; Larry Jackson, CDM, CFPP; Zlatko Jancic, CDM, CFPP; Richard Lind, CDM, CFPP; Bionca Lindsey, CDM, CFPP; Kenneth Owens, CDM, CFPP; Sue Rinkenberger, CDM, CFPP; and Sherri Williams, CDM, CFPP. 

Serving as the Chair on the ANFP-PAC committee is Shona McCue, CDM, CFPP.  This committee is responsible for assisting the Government Affairs committee in the development and implementation of effective government affairs strategies and recommends the disbursement of funds from the ANFP-PAC in concert with current legislative strategies. Continuing their service are Denise Choleva, CDM, CFPP; and Tina Day, CDM, CFPP.  Please welcome Andrew Aumann, CDM, CFPP; Dorothy Radermacher, CDM, CFPP; and Felicia Smith, MHA, CDM, CFPP as the newest volunteers. 

This year, the committees will focus on increasing the number of ANFP-approved training programs and will continue to promote the CDM, CFPP credential as the primary qualification for the Director of Food and Nutrition Services in the absence of a full-time dietitian.  The committee has developed a CDM, CFPP Credential at a Glance map that includes the current number of credential holders, long term care facilities, and ANFP-approved programs in each state.  To view this map, click here.

On July 18, 2019, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rule making “Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Requirements for Long-Term Care Facilities; Regulatory Provisions to Promote Efficiency, and Transparency” would rescind the requirement that the director of food and nutrition services be a CDM,CFPP and ANFP submitted comments opposing this change (and generated additional like-minded comments). ANFP made a strong case to CMS for keeping the CDM, CFPP requirement; and this, in conjunction with growing press criticism of the entire CMS rule making stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, has delayed a final ruling from CMS for the foreseeable future.

ANFP’s participation in the Occupation America Jobs and Careers Coalition (OAJCC) continues to provide ANFP with more visibility on Capitol Hill and more potential platforms for the CDM, CFPP credential. OAJCC coordinated a May 20 letter (that ANFP cosigned) to relevant Senate and House committee chairs and ranking members urging a flexible workforce-development component in any stimulus bill passed by Congress. This idea is gaining traction on Capitol Hill and in the White House. On May 29, OAJCC hosted a Zoom meeting with Special Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy James Redstone to discuss the White House American Workforce Policy Board’s call-to-action to help those on coronavirus-related unemployment find new jobs, and this provided an excellent forum to explain the value of the CDM, CFPP credentialing program. OAJCC has also facilitated Zoom meetings between ANFP and apprenticeship program experts at the Urban Institute to possibly become a national sponsor for a youth apprenticeship program in foodservice. The Urban Institute received a $2 million annual grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to establish more youth apprenticeship programs and can assist with all aspects of ANFP potentially becoming a national sponsor, with funding of up to $1,000 per apprentice.

ANFP’s political action committee, ANFP-PAC, has $8,000 cash on-hand and is reviewing U.S. House and Senate candidates to support for the 2020 election.

Learn more about the GrassROOTS initiatives or join the cause and become a member of the network here. Please also consider giving to ANFP-PAC, which is integral to our visibility and success on Capitol Hill.