ROOTS Roundup

by Mindy Theesfeld, Foundation and Analytics Manager

The Government Affairs and PAC committees are teaming up to serve our Legislative needs. These committees have been called to action and are working together to promote the "ROOTS" campaign. Be sure to check out the upcoming article on the new legislative initiative in the September/October issue of Edge magazine.

ANFP belongs to the Opportunity America Jobs and Careers Coalition (OAJCC), which reports that analytics firm Burning Glass finds there are 1.2 million more jobs available in the health care sector than there are workers available to fill them.

Therefore, ANFP and OAJCC have supported the Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act (H.R. 2353), which made it out of the U.S. Senate on July 24 and was approved by the House and sent to the President for signing on July 25.

The bill requires state and local education officials and educators to consult with employers at all stages of career education programs and also focuses on work-based learning.

This is an important first step in reinvigorating career and technical education (CTE) at the high school and college levels, and is occurring in conjunction with House efforts to redirect higher education funding to career training in the PROSPER Act and a White House push for "Industry Recognized Apprenticeships."

Joyce Gilbert, PhD, RDN, ANFP President and CEO, traveled to Washington, D.C. on June 25-26 to meet with Craig Brightup and staff for Reps. Roskam (IL), Marshall (KS), Gallagher (WI), and LaHood (IL).

Additionally, Joyce and Craig met with staff for the National Governors Association to discuss workforce development and how poorly-drafted state legislation confuses the issue of licensing with certification and credentialing programs.

The ANFP-PAC booth raised $756 at ACE in Orlando on June 3, 2018! ANFP-PAC is a member-sponsored political action fund which supports federal candidates who care about ANFP's mission and the work of ANFP members.