NFEF Foodservice Education Innovator of the Year Award

by Mindy Theesfeld, Foundation and Analytics Manager

Does your facility have an innovative education or training program? If so, get ready to apply for NFEF’s newest award! This award shines a spotlight on unique training or education initiatives that a facility or company offers. One winner each year will be recognized, with their training practice/program highlighted in Edge magazine.

Award nominees might highlight:

  1. Unique training programs for new hires; or
  2. Furthering education of foodservice personnel; or
  3. Unique programs that assist/encourage foodservice directors obtaining the CDM credential; or
  4. An innovative program of promoting foodservice personnel competencies.

While there will be only one award, a facility could highlight one or more areas for consideration in their award application.

Applications for this award, as well as NFEF's Foodservice Department of the Year Award will open in January.