Top 10 Ways to Enhance Your Dining Environment & Operational Excellence 

List Compiled by: Zlatko Jancic, CDM, CFPP

1. Provide your team with the tools and resources needed to complete tasks and to enable them to provide quality food and a memorable customer experience in a comfortable setting. This includes in-servicing your team on food safety, menu offering, customer service, culinary skills, attention to detail, consistency, and cleanliness.  

2. Conduct daily team huddles to offer knowledge and awareness for food safety. Motivate professional growth by developing your team’s culinary and general hospitality skills along with effective communication with peers and customers.  

3. Inspire service excellence for food quality, value, and hospitable experiences. Lead your team through ongoing coaching and mentoring.  

4. Hire the right people who have a passion for hospitality and food. Recognize and reward your team’s contributions to your operation, customers, and peers. Give credit when and where due! 

5. Proactively listen to customer comments and feedback. Ask specific questions pertaining to food and service and develop and implement action plans with your team’s input. Require adherence to standards for maintenance. 

6. Ensure your team knows the food offerings. Engage customers with positive and meaningful interactions and educate them on your products, including recipe ingredients and alternate food options based on their needs and dietary restrictions.

7. Demonstrate your team’s commitment to ongoing improvements by listening to the needs of your customers and adapt your operations accordingly. Consider the impact of social media, customer relations, and innovative marketing techniques. Tell the success story of your operation in periodic newsletters that are accessible to customers.  

8. Adapt to new trends in food and hospitality by promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly products and by offering promotions and loyalty reward programs. 

9. Track, trend, and analyze your operation’s data to identify successful sellers and opportunities for alternatives. 

10. Involve an interdisciplinary team of culinarians, registered dietitians, and foodservice operators to standardize your operation and implement processes that deliver high quality and value to your customers.

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