Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Pride in Foodservice Week

Each year, ANFP celebrates Pride in Foodservice Week. This week of recognition applauds nutrition and foodservice professionals and other members of the dietary team for their hard work and dedication to their job.

Learn more about our upcoming Pride in Foodservice Week! Save the date and use the following ideas as inspiration for you and your team’s celebrations!

1. Print the PIFSW Poster: A celebratory Pride in Foodservice Week mini poster is available to download here. Hang this in your kitchen, break room, or a spot where your staff, residents/patients, and other facility staff will see it!

2. Enjoy a Meal Together: Take a break from your busy day to have a meal together. Sit down, unwind, enjoy some food, and chat with one another about something nonwork related!

3. Offer a Contest: A little friendly competition can be fun! Host a cooking or baking competition between your staff members or others within your facility or company. Offer fun prizes as incentives to win!

4. Spread Positivity: Ensure your staff knows that you recognize their hard work and dedication. Write notes to them throughout the week with kind sayings, such as “thank you,” “we appreciate you,” and “great job.”

5. Unite for a Greater Cause: Utilize your teamwork skills by volunteering at a local food pantry together. Or, collect donations to bring to a nearby food bank.

6. Download the PIFSW Toolkit: ANFP provides a downloadable toolkit that you and your team can use to show your pride on social media. This toolkit includes shareable images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

7. Get Social: In addition to utilizing the toolkit, take photos or videos of your staff to recognize them throughout the week. Show your followers who your staff is and why they are proud foodservice workers. Remember to receive approval from each staff member before you post!

8. Give a Gift: If your budget permits, give your staff small gifts of appreciation. Gift cards, pens, and water bottles are all low-cost options!

9. Themed Days: Celebrate your week with different themes each day! Examples like wacky sock day, beach day, and flannel day are simple ways to bring your staff together as a team!

10. Use the PIFSW Facebook Frame: ANFP has created a Facebook frame that you and your staff can add to your profile pictures! A tutorial video is available on ANFPtv.

Download a printable flyer below with the information on this page.

Printable PDF Flyer