Top 10 Tips for Glove Use

List Compiled by: Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP, RAC and Colleen Zenk, MS, CDM, CFPP.

1. Disposable gloves are not a substitute for handwashing, and hands need to be clean before donning gloves.

2. REMEMBER: A new task requires a new set of gloves.

3. Gloves should fit hands well and should be considered single-use.

4. Change gloves and discard them when damaged or soiled.

5. Change gloves between food preparation tasks.

6. Change gloves every hour when working on the same task.

7. Do not use gloved hands for mixing food during preparation. Gloves are not a safe substitute for a mixing utensil (spoon, spatula) or equipment (mixer, food processor).

8. Use a bandage to cover wounds or cuts on hands and wrists, then cover with a single-use glove.

9. There should be NO bare hand contact for ready-to-eat foods (raw vegetables, sandwiches, garnishes) for those working with highly-susceptible populations.

10. Gloves should be changed at the same frequency as you would wash your hands. Anything that can contaminate your hands will contaminate your gloves as well!

This list was compiled with supplemental materials from FDA Code 2013, FDA Food Code 2017 (Food Code Section) and the ANFP Food Safety Inservice Series: Glove Use and Bare Hand Contact.

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