Top 10 Ideas for Planning an Innovative Kitchen Renovation

List Compiled by: Tom Thaman, CDM, CFPP

1. Always stay consistently informed of the latest trends in equipment, supplies, and workflow through seminars, professional publications, and e-mail blasts from industry publications such as Nutrition & Foodservice Edge magazine, FoodService Director magazine, etc.

2. Before planning a kitchen redesign or before contacting vendors and suppliers, develop a “wish list” of desired features and kitchen workflow by determining what does and does not work in your current setting.

3. Through collaboration with your finance department and administration, develop a realistic budget with a contingency plan that can be used as a baseline when planning the project.

4. Spend time with select manufacturers and vendors at industry trade shows to review current equipment and trends which will assist in creating an innovative vision.

5. When selecting a consultant to develop an innovative kitchen remodel, make sure the consultant is reputable, knowledgeable, and can recommend the latest trends. Validating a shared vision is critical.

6. Review consultant references as they are essential in the final selection process. A previous customer’s experience may be an indication of how your vision of an innovative kitchen becomes a reality.

7. Developing an innovative kitchen design requires a practical short-term vision which will work as soon as the project is completed. However, it is also important to develop a design based on future investment and growth which can be phased into the new design.

8. Attend a site visit when planning a new kitchen renovation, especially if similar equipment or a new workflow is being recommended. A live demonstration validates a recommendation.

9. New equipment, especially equipment that is promoted as efficient and cost-saving, should never be purchased without total vetting. This includes reviewing verifiable performance data from the vendor.

10. Utilize resources like ANFPConnect to share your ideas or seek advice from others. Never underestimate the power of networking with other CDM®, CFPP®s to provide support, ideas on innovations, and best practices with their experience while planning your own renovation.

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