Recognizing Our Volunteers

ANFP would like to recognize volunteers that are new, continuing, or finishing their term. Below are several committees that are essential to the advancement of the ANFP, CBDM, and NFEF missions. Thank you, Volunteers! We continue to be grateful for your dedication and service to our association.

Audit Finance Committee

Responsible for implementation and maintaining a sound financial condition protecting the association’s financial interest. Oversees the financial, auditing and investment activities of the Association. Policy outlines committee makeup.

Sona Donayan, MS, RDN Felicia A. Smith MHA, CDM, CFPP
Kenneth D. Owens, CDM, CFPP
Omar Humes, CDM, CFPP
Richard "Nick" Nickless, CDM, CFPP
Steve Scott
Marjorie R. Smith, CDM, CFPP

Awards & Recognition Committee 

Develops, promotes, and assesses nominations in the annual ANFP awards program. Committee members ensure an unbiased evaluation of nominees and alignment of the program to the needs of the members. The committee exists to celebrate CDM, CFPPs and those who support the credential and industry across the country.

Bill Kading, CDM, CFPP
Douglas A. Shisler, CDM, CFPP
Joey Rost, CDM, CFPP
Dawne Blackney-Crawford, CDM, CFPP
Hunter Hying, CDM, CFPP
Randy Husted, CDM, CFPP

Certifying Board Standards Committee

To review the CBDM credentialing examination and pretest items annually, in order to ensure consistency and appropriate content in accordance with the current exam blueprint. In addition, the item bank will periodically be reviewed and categorized according to the blueprint. 

Carlene Robinson-Brown, CDM, CFPP
Elaine Farley-Zoucha, RD
Paula Bohlen 
Liana Weitz
Robin Hilbird-Bargett, CDM, CFPP
Kristi Salisbury, RD, CDM, CFPP
Colleen Zenk, CDM, CFPP

Chapter Leadership Team

Exists to provide consistent mentoring, leadership training, and guidance to chapters and volunteers. 

Lisa Votapka, CDM, CFPP
Janice Hemel, CDM, CFPP
Amarilys Saluk, CDM, CFPP
Karen Swift, CDM, CFPP
Ben McCullough, CDM, CFPP
Jessica Weisbrich, CDM, CFPP

Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for developing and implementing comprehensive and effective government affairs strategies for ANFP at both the federal and state levels. 

Barbara Thomsen, CDM, CFPP
Larry Jackson, CDM, CFPP
Zlatko Jancic, CDM, CFPP
Richard Lind, CDM, CFPP
Ken Owens, CDM, CFPP
Sue Rinkenberger, CDM, CFPP
Sherri Williams, CDM, CFPP
Bionca Lindsey, CDM, CFPP
Cindy Cothern, CDM, CFPP
Judith Hazlett, CDM, CFPP
Craigh Brightup

Industry Advisory Council 

Provides ANFP leadership with a corporate community perspective on strategic direction for the association. 

Sherri L. Conde
Linda Cole
Amy Bollam, RD, LD, MPS
Andrew Campbell, CMM, CMP
Greg Cocchiarella
Timothy R. Garry, RDN
Amy Gautraud, MS, RDN
Roseann Hoeye, MBA, RD, LD
Danielle Mason
Gregory McCulloch
Sarah Rink, MS, RD, LDN
Maggi Seidler, MS, RD, LD
Andrea Stickney
Kelley Vande Lune

Leadership Develop Committee

Deborah F. McDonald, CDM, CFPP
Kristi J. Salisbury, RD, CDM, CFPP
Omar Humes, CDM, CFPP
John E. Hickson CCA, FMP, CDM, CFPP
Thomas H. Thaman, CDM, CFPP
Richard Nick" Nickless, CDM, CFPP
Lisa A. Votapka, CDM, CFPP
Kenneth D. Owens, CDM, CFPP
Sharon K. Vermeer, CDM, CFPP
Mary C. Hanna Schupp, CDM, CFPP
Kim Kyle, CDM, CFPP
Karen L. Werner, CDM, CFPP
Marjorie R. Smith, CDM, CFPP

Political Action Committee

Recommends the disbursement of funds from the ANFP-PAC in concert with current legislative strategies as indicated by the Government Affairs Committee. 

Shona McCue, CDM, CFPP
Denise Choleva, CDM, CFPP
Tina Day, CDM, CFPP
Dorothy Radermacher, CDM, CFPP
Felicia Smith, CDM, CFPP
Craig Brightup
Leonard Turpen, CDM, CFPP
Andrew Aumann, CDM, CFPP

Program Review Committee

Reviews and approves new applications and 5-year renewals for the Dietary Manager Training (DMT) Programs using the ANFP Requirements as the basis for the review and approval process. 

Emily Cowles, MS, RD, LD, CDE
Miriam Wilson, MS, RD, LDN
Lynn Hardy, CDM, CFPP
Rachel Hughes, MS, RD
Dana Rudisill, MA, RD, LDN, CDM, CFPP
Anna de Jesus, MBA, RDN
Margaret Rowlands, CDM, CFPP
Suzanne McDonald, RD, CDM, CFPP
Dorothy Radermacher, CDM ,CFPP
Regina St. Clair, CDM, CFPP
Terry Newkirk, CDM, CFPP
Veronica Serrano, RDN, LD/N, CDM, CFPP
Catherine King Nourse, MPH, RDN, LD

Young Advisory Council

Timothy Schoonmaker, MBA, CEC, CCA, CDM, CFPP
Rocky Dunnam, CDM, CFPP
Tyler Blankenship, CDM, CFPP
Renee Spence, CDM, CFPP
Hunter Hying, CDM, CFPP
Tyler Zent, CDM, CFPP
Toni Skaggs, CDM, CFPP