ANFP Core Values, Objectives, & Beliefs

ANFP Statement

ANFP Employer Statement

As an employer, ANFP aims to empower individuals to empower themselves.

Core Values

Core values are traits or qualities that represent an individual’s or an organization’s highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and fundamental driving forces.

A. Be honest in your actions
B. Hold yourself & others accountable
C. Demonstrate reliability
D. Adhere to principles

2. Inclusivity

A. Be an ally for diversity
B. Be your genuine, authentic self
C. Embrace equality
D. Champion equity

3. Intentionality

A. Strive for innovation
B. Be deliberate in your actions
C. Think and act logically
D. Approach everything in an organized way

4. Respect

A. Show empathy
B. Offer compassion
C. Value yourself and others
D. Demonstrate trustworthiness

Core Objectives

Core objectives are what ANFP is trying to achieve.

ANFP aims to:

  • Cultivate a unified community of honorable and invested individuals (Integrity)
  • Embrace an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere (Inclusivity)
  • Inspire a purpose-driven approach to achieve our goals (Intentionality)
  • Foster a positive, respectful attitude towards ourselves and one another (Respect)

Core Beliefs

Beliefs are assumptions ANFP holds to be true.

ANFP believes that a successful organization:

  • Celebrates the loyalty and trust of its team members (Integrity)
  • Has the courage to be forward-thinking, resolute, and to overcome challenges in the face of adversity (Inclusivity)
  • Supports a culture of continuous improvement including continued competence and growth (Intentionality)
  • Displays communal reverence and appreciation (Respect)

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