Past NFEF Award Recipients

NFEF Foodservice Department of the Year Award Recipients

2019 | Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital

Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital Logo

Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital has been chosen to receive the 2019 Foodservice Department of the Year award.

The staff at Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital strive to have an open line of communication at all times in order to create a successful department. Each week, they huddle together and are encouraged to share concerns, express areas needing improvement, and share positive aspects of the department. Open communication is key to an effective work environment, allowing individuals to better understand one another and make departmental improvements.

The department’s day-to-day operations impact the overall patient satisfaction rate by the level of patient care. The foodservice department delivers patients’ food trays with quality, five-star rated meals. Each tray is presented with a small vase of flowers and a wrapped cloth napkin to add a special touch.

Staff developed a take-home care package for patients to enjoy an easy, at-home meal while recovering from surgery. This care package includes soup, an assortment of snacks, bottled water, and silverware packets - all nestled in a Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital branded cooler. 

The mission of SFSH is PRIDE. Personalized - Responsive - Innovative Care - Dedicated to Excellence.

One of the main goals in the hospitality department is to maintain a high standard in meal preparation. In 2018, the per patient day (PPD) cost decreased by nearly 37 percent. This decrease is attributed to the efforts made in changing to a room-service style option. Additionally, food procurement, production costs, and waste were significantly reduced.

Teamwork has specifically impacted the overall operation of this department and is reflected in state and national surveys. This foodservice department has received 100 percent food scores for four consecutive years and passed state inspections with zero deficiencies. With minor changes to food distributors, the foodservice department is now able to maintain cost-effective and long-term business goals, saving $35,000 in operations annually.

SFSH foodservice department prides themselves on being one of 37 five-star rated hospitals in the country and their exceptional patient care.

2018 | Cook Medical Center

Cook Medical Center Logo

Cook Medical Center has been chosen to receive the 2018 Foodservice Department of the Year award! As a team, the center's staff has grown together by applying their knowledge of company standards and the food safety of their patients and residents. Cook Medical team received 100% food scores from the county health inspectors and passed state inspections with no F-tag infractions. Additionally, more than half of the team successfully passed the ServeSafe® manager certification course, and three individuals were recognized by the hospital as Employee of the Month! The department came in under budget for the year, increased retail sales in their cafeteria compared to 2016 sales, and received the highest tier in the interdepartmental survey.

All of this was accomplished during a time when the department experienced a shortage of staff due to family medical leave, illness, and natural disasters. In January 2017, the community was affected by a tornado outbreak, followed by the devastation of Hurricane Irma in mid-September. Staff rallied together to serve volunteers, emergency response teams, hospital residents, and staff. Despite these hurdles, staff was able to overcome these challenges and achieve their financial pillar goal and succeed specifically in the areas of survey and inspections.

Cook Medical Center's mission is to serve the health needs of their patients, residents, staff and those in their community. The Center continues to work on the development of growth and service through community spirit projects and staff is dedicated to bringing the best of themselves to the department and Cook Medical Center.

2017 | Bethany Home, Inc.

Bethany Home, Inc. Logo

Bethany Home, Inc. has been chosen to receive the 2017 Foodservice Department of the Year award! The Bethany Home dining services team pride themselves on the dining experience they provide to each resident. Cross training and team effort have proven meal service and events to be a success. The Bethany Home staff developed three new menus that now provide residents, guests and staff plenty of options daily. Bethany Home team members work diligently to offer true hospitality-style service and has a customized ticket system in place to ensure that all preferences and special needs are met. Bethany Home has catered numerous events in the community and earned a reputation as having “the best food in town.”

2016 I Palmetto Park Senior Living

Palmetto Park Logo

Palmetto Park Senior Living has been chosen to receive inaugural NFEF Foodservice Department of the Year award! This award was based on Teamwork, Innovation, Customer Service and Operational Contribution. At Palmetto Park the dining services team empowers their employees by teaching communication and team builing exercises and their staff is recognized for their service by honoring them each month. Staff educates residents, clients and customers on the the importance of a nutritional meal and is currently working on the devleopment of DVDs that will broadcast monthly to inform them on health issues, such as, high blood pressure, sodium, diabetes, heart disease and cancer and how this all relates to a healthy diet.