About the Foundation

About Us

The Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation was originally founded in 1994, as the Dietary Managers Association (DMA) Foundation. It was re-configured as a part of the DMA's re-branding and name change to the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) in 2012.


The Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation engages in innovative research and education that promote the vital role of the Certified Dietary Manager as the expert in the profession of foodservice management and food safety.

The Nutrition & Foodservice Education Foundation supports the goals of the Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) and works to strengthen the overall nutrition and foodservice profession. As ANFP’s philanthropic arm, the Foundation is organized to advance the foodservice and nutrition profession to stay ahead of rapid change by fostering innovative thinking, cutting-edge research and new ideas. Our highest priority is research, education, and best practices and standard-setting for the future.

Research Support
The Foundation encourages and supports research intended to help advance the profession and ensure dining experiences for the public that are nutritionally sound, safe and fulfilling.

The Foundation provides educational opportunities to help advance the careers of promising individuals who are committed to the field of nutrition and foodservice. It also helps support general education initiatives aimed at deepening the knowledge, skills and expertise of everyone in the profession.

Best Practices and Standard-Setting
The Foundation supports initiatives that lead to better standards of quality for the nutrition and foodservice profession and to the development of best practices.

How We Work with ANFP

The NFEF plays a critical role in helping ensure that ANFP members – as well as nutrition and foodservice professionals in general -- are in the know about important trends and developments that are heading their way and helping them to be prepared as the workplace continues to change.

In this way, NFEF serves as an innovation center, helping ANFP anticipate the new era of nutrition and foodservice that its members must be ready for.

While ANFP offers wide-ranging support to help its members succeed in today's demanding nutrition and foodservice environment, NFEF provides support to help them adapt to the profession they will experience tomorrow.

NFEF accomplishes its educational role by funding research on emerging trends and key issues; helping fund innovative and promising initiatives that strengthen the profession and promote a healthier society; sponsoring conferences and special events that draw attention to new ideas and providing grants to support the education and training of talented innovators, leaders and young professionals with promise.