Take Action Today and Make a Difference

Support Your State Legislator at Home

The ANFP-PAC encourages members to meet their congressmen in the home district by scheduling an appointment, attending local fundraisers, and participating in town hall meetings. Congressmen value genuine interaction with the people who can vote for them. Engaging in ongoing, systematic communication with legislators gives members a chance to promote the bill, CDM credential and foodservice profession in significant ways.

By attending local events, ANFP members support the advocacy effort in several ways:

  • Members get the opportunity to be directly involved in advocacy, strengthening the ANFP’s grassroots network.
  • Congressmen prefer to hear about issues from their own constituents. This is your chance to ";make it real."
  • Local fundraisers are important events to attend and much more convenient than those in Washington.
  • Local events are smaller and more intimate, so members are likely to obtain more "face time" with their congressman.

Write a Letter to the Editor of your Local Newspaper

  • Most policymakers read these routinely; it is an important way for elected officials to track issues important to their constituents.
  • It is an inexpensive (free) way to address public opinion.
  • They are your words, your message. It is an excellent way to explain why the bill is important.
  • You can make connections to your personal or work experience to portray the impact this legislation has on America’s seniors.

Share Your Experience

Put your boots on and tell us what is happening on the campaign trail!  Sharing pictures, photos, stories, and videos is a surefire way to build camaraderie and grow the campaign.  Send artifacts and anecdotes to Mindy Theesfeld.

Nutrition and Food Service 2016

Cindy Cothern, CDM, CFPP and William Randol, CDM, CFPP of Kansas photographed with Governor Brownback during their Day at the Capitol visit. 

Join the Cause!

Become a Grassroots advocate by clicking the “Join Today” button.  As a Grassroots Advocate, you will receive updates on current legislation and regulatory measures, along with calls to action and specific steps you can take to make a difference.  Your participation matters - to you, the people you serve, and the foodservice profession.

The ANFP strongly encourages all members to become more involved in advocacy and public policy.  Doing so will help get our voice heard in Washington, and further protect the CDM credential.  Use the following resources to ensure that your elected officials in Washington, DC know your views - not only as a constituent, but as an expert in nutrition and food safety.

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