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A Note From OK ANFP

Since we now do most of our business online, we ask that you please keep your current e-mail address updated with ANFP Headquarters. To do so:

  • Call National to confirm your contact information

  • Give complete information: full name and member number

  • Give complete address information: if you have a PO Box number, or Rural Route number and box number, or house number and street name or whatever method you have for getting mail. If you live in an apartment, include the apartment and building number, or if you live in a mobile home park, include the lot (space) number.

  • Give complete city, state and zip code: remember, we are in Oklahoma and the National office is in Illinois.

  • Do this whether you get mail from National or not – sometimes it is an error in printing labels that are ordered for us, so it would only effect our State mailings.

  • Thanks for taking care of this for us!

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