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Call for Volunteers Now Open

Join the Vermont ANFP Board of Directors! 

ANFP is currently seeking volunteers within Vermont to be a part of the Board of Directors. The board will have the opportunity to contribute to the vision and mission that will help shape the future of the chapter. The board will work with the staff at ANFP and other state chapter leaders, to ensure the continual growth and success of the chapter. 

What Are We Looking For?

VT ANFP is looking for individuals from all foodservice industry and nutrition backgrounds, with varying levels of skills. We are seeking dedicated leaders that are proactive and embrace change, and that wish to see the Vermont Chapter thrive. We are looking for members that are active in ANFP including retired members as well as pre-professional members. Whether you would like to take the lead or help support the chapter with small tasks and projects, all members are encouraged to volunteer.

Are You Qualified?

Many of the skills you already possess and use in your professional and personal lives are applicable to the roles and positions for the board. 

Below are questions that are related to experience. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these criteria, please consider submitting your name for the board.

  • Are you responsible for balancing your department’s or facility’s food and beverage or dining budget? You would be perfect for managing the chapter’s finances. 
  • Have you had success in implementing new programs (training, procedural, education, etc.) at your place of work? You are a great fit for developing educational meetings and programs.
  • Do you hire, train and manage staff? You would be great as a mentor to new members and membership representative.
  • Do you oversee staff recruitment or sales efforts at your place of work? You are perfect for member recruitment and securing sponsorships.
  • Do you have a natural talent for writing? You may want to consider developing the state’s newsletter or starting and contributing to the chapter’s social media account.
  • Are you organized? You would be perfect for keeping the chapter’s business needs and meetings in order. 
  • Do you or would you like to plan social events? You are the ideal candidate to plan networking events. 
  • Do you have limited time, but still want to be involved? OH ANFP Chapter is looking for any individuals that would like to be part of the chapter, not matter how much time you have, all volunteers are welcomed!
Regardless, if you have past chapter management experience, we would like to invite you to you serve on the board of directors as many of your professional skills are transferable to the chapter model. 

What is In It for You?

Below are just a few of the advantages of volunteering for the Vermont ANFP Chapter:
  • Enhance your career through continued professional development 
  • Gain new skills that transfer to your professional and personal lives 
  • Drive the education that meets the needs of chapter members
  • Gain status and recognition in the industry
  • Get to know other industry leaders
  • Provide guidance and structure for other CDMs in the state of Vermont 
  • Foster teamwork 
  • Networking opportunities
  • Be part of a community


What is expected of me as a board member? As a board member, you are expected to actively contribute and participate in team meetings and/or calls. You may be assigned to one or serval tasks to begin, but you will have support from the entire team. We ask that you volunteer for the board, only if you are serious about contributing to the revitalization of the chapter. You will also act as a liaison between the state chapter and the national organization. 

What is the time commitment? It will be up to the team to determine how frequently they choose to meet. Typically, chapter boards meet 2 to 4 times a year either face-to-face or over the phone, depending on team members’ availability. Depending on the board’s initiatives, you may also be asked to dedicate time on projects and tasks for the chapter.

How do I submit my name for consideration for the board of directors? If you would like to submit your name to be considered for the board of directors or to volunteer, please click here  to complete the submission form. 

How can I still contribute to the chapter with limited amount of free time? Regardless of the amount of free time you have, Vermont ANFP welcomes and appreciates any support from other members. You may be asked to take on small projects or tasks in order to support the chapter. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact Abigail Solazzo, Chapters & Leadership Manager, at or at 800.323.1908 ext. 123. 



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