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Good News for Minnesota CDMs!  MDH Clarifies CMS Rule Regarding Requirements for Director of Food and Nutrition Services in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Minnesota Department of Health has published information that clarifies who is qualified to be the Director of Food and Nutrition Services in a Skilled Nursing Facility.  As members know this requirement was changed in the new CMS rules released in November of 2016.  

In the new rule, if the facility does not employ a full-time dietitian (minimum of 35 hours per week) as the Director of Food and Nutrition Services, they must designate a person to serve in that capacity. The rules specify a Certified Dietary Manager as the first option.  Questions were raised as to whether or not someone who is a Minnesota Certified Food Manager and has a CFM certificate issued by MDH would qualify.  As members know, earning a Minnesota CFM certificate indicates that a person has taken a food safety course (typically ServSafe®), passed a food safety exam and registered with the state.  It is only an indication of food safety training, not of the education, ability, knowledge and expertise to run the food and nutrition department in a nursing facility. 

The MN Department of Health determined that a ServSafe® certification or a Minnesota Food Manager Certificate (MCFM) does not meet the requirements of the new federal regulation. MDH has determined that someone who holds a National (ANFP) Certified Dietary Manager (CDM, CFPP) certificate does qualify to be the Director of Food and Nutrition Services.  They also determined that a person who has an associate or higher degree in food service management or hospitality (with certain conditions) would also qualify. 

Several MN CDM’s were instrumental in providing input to the Minnesota Department of Health during this review process.  Those CDM’s were Colleen Zenk, Kristi Salisbury, and Becky Rude.  Thanks to these members and to the support of staff at ANFP headquarters the education and expertise of the CDM has been recognized and their role strengthened in Minnesota nursing facilities. 

MDH has posted their ruling at the Federal Nursing Home Regulation Clarifications page on their website.  Please don’t hesitate to share this information with your administrator.  Additional information regarding the new CMS regulations can be found on the ANFP website under the Becoming a CDM tab.

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Public Hearing Held on Revisions to MN Food Code

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) held a public hearing regarding revisions to the MN Food Code on January 11th and 12th.  The hearing was held at the Orville Freeman Building at the State Capital complex in St. Paul and was attending by CDM’s Colleen Zenk, Marj Smith and Mary Ryan.  The hearing was broadcast to 7 MDH regional office locations via videoconference. 

Administrative Law Judge Barbara Case presided over the hearing. She outlined the procedure for the hearing and how comments would be presented by interested parties.  After legal counsel made introductions and reviewed relevant exhibits, representatives of MDH and MDA gave short testimony regarding the history and process of revisions to the MN Food Code.  The Current MN Food Code was adopted in 1998.  The Rule Revision process has been ongoing since about 2006, actively since 2009.  

Two speakers submitted comments orally during the hearing. One speaker spoke in regard to proposed changes to the number of the drain boards needed to allow dishes to dry thoroughly after washing in a commercial dish machine.  The other comments were in regard to the time frame for renewal of a MN Food Manager Certificate. 

Comments that were submitted prior to the hearing can be found on the Minnesota Office of Administrative Hearings website.   Anyone who desires to submit written comments after the public hearing have until February 1 to do so.  The rule committee has until February 8 to respond to those comments.  The judge will then have 30 days to review and issue a report on the proposed rules (sometime around March 9, 2018).  The next step would be for MDH/MDA to adopt the rules and file them with the Secretary of State.  After the rules are adopted by the Departments and approved by the Judge, the Governor has 14 days to review them. The Governor may veto the rule amendments or let them become effective. After the Governor’s review period, MDH will publish a Notice of Adoption in the State Register. The amendments to the rules become effective the following January 1 or June 1, whichever comes first, after the Notice of Adoption is published.

All of this information (and more) can be found at the MDH Food Code Rule Revision website.


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