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2022 Diamond Award Winner

This past year, Minnesota ANFP focused on assisting members and facilities with understanding and implementing the foodservice and nutrition components of the new regulations for assisted living in their state. The regulations allowed the chapter to highlight the expertise of the CDM, CFPP and all they can bring to the table. It was also the perfect opportunity to position the CDM, CFPP as subject matter experts in the assisted living environment. The chapter provided a continuous stream of education, information, and updates to their members to ensure they were informed and knowledgeable of all the changes and could be used a resource when implementing these changes. 

Congratulations, Minnesota ANFP!  

2020 Diamond Award Winner

Minnesota ANFP’s Diamond initiative was titled “Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future” which was a two-pronged approach that honored past members that paved the way for the successful chapter, while also embracing the future and preparing for the constant change that has and will take place in the industry.   

Throughout their 50-year history, Minnesota has continued to stay on trend and look for ways to ensure the chapter’s success for the future. In 2018, Minnesota started using the Whova app for their chapter meetings to help attendees get more out of their meeting experience. Also, in addition to their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, MN ANFP started a chapter Instagram account in 2019 to engage with younger members and students.  

While embracing technology has been at the forefront of MNs initiatives, education is key to their chapter’s success. The chapter is currently working towards implementing an ANFP approved program for certified dietary mangers at St. Paul College to launch sometime in 2020. Additionally, many chapter members are currently serving on other college advisory boards to provide input into their culinary and dietetics programs and advocate for the CDMs in their programs. The MN ANFP chapter is also working with Minnesota high schools and introducing the CDM and those career paths to high school seniors.  

MN ANFP has also been busy in the advocacy arena. They asked members to act and to reach out to CMS to comment in support of maintaining the CDM as the minimum requirement for Food & Nutrition departments in CMS regulated facilities. They are continuing their work with other care providers throughout the state to educate them on the importance of the CDM, CFPP as well.  

As they continue to bridge the past with the future, MN ANFP kicked off their 50th anniversary fall meeting with an Honors Gala which honored those that have dedicated their time to the chapter for many years. Honorees  included many past national chairs, board and committee members, award winners, as well as Sister Julien Dirkes, a 50 year member. Attendees of the anniversary meeting benefited from 3 days of speakers, ample opportunity to earn CEU’s, networking events, and a robust expo with many local, state, and national vendors. Session covered an array of relevant topics including strategies for embracing labor shortages, professional ethics and even a “turbo chef live” demonstration, as well as 4 hours in sanitation. 

MN ANFP members have also continued their efforts to give back to others, whether local or across the globe. At the fall anniversary meeting, members collected personal hygiene products that were donated to a near-by shelter for those in need. Members also volunteered for Feed My Starving Children (a non-profit organization that coordinates the packaging and distribution of food to people in developing nations) where members packed 58 boxes (12,528 meals) that will feed 34 kids for a year. 

MN vendors also helped with community service projects. Through their generous donations, MN ANFP was able to cook and feed 150+ hungry individuals that suffer from homelessness, drug/alcohol abuse or domestic abuse in the St. Cloud area.  

Through support and initiatives like Minnesota ANFP’s, their chapter has bridged the past with the future by continue their legacy of a strong and successful chapter that it is today, that started with a few hardworking individuals 50 years ago. Congratulations again to Minnesota ANFP! 


2014 Diamond Award Winner

This past June, the Minnesota chapter received the “chapter of the year” award in their home state!  The Diamond Award honors one state chapter per year that exemplifies dedicated and enthusiastic leadership.  There are 49 volunteer-led affiliates around the country, and Minnesota ANFP is the first ever to win twice!  

Minnesota’s leadership and passion is incredible.  The 2014 Diamond Award winner has demonstrated its commitment to improving the chapter through volunteering and membership initiatives.  Their best practice submission this year was the development of a chapter strategic plan to better serve members.  The committee went on a retreat to evaluate the chapter’s structure and align their own goals with the national organizations.  Through the team effort, this was the streamlining process they wanted to make sure improvements were made and everyone’s voice was heard.  With this chapter’s tradition of developing leaders, they recognize that their work is never done.  Everyone brings new ideas and a vision of growth for the chapter and its members.  Regular communication keeps everyone updated through an outstanding newsletter and regular emails, calls, and meetings.  It is always impressive to see what these great minds will come up with next to benefit the members.   

Congratulations to Minnesota ANFP for demonstrating excellence at the chapter level and going ‘above and beyond’ for their members.    

2011 Diamond Award Winner

The Minnesota chapter received the Diamond Award in 2011! Congratulations to Minnesota ANFP for demonstrating excellence at the chapter level and going ‘above and beyond’ for their members.    

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Statement of Core Values

Professionalism: ANFP members are leaders who demonstrate the highest standards of their profession, adhere to a code of ethics, and pursue lifelong learning.

Integrity: ANFP members demonstrate pride in their work and are respected members of the leadership team.

 ANFP members are advocates for those they serve and demonstrate that they care about their health and quality of life.

Best Practices: ANFP members implement nutrition and foodservice best practices and impart that knowledge to those they serve and lead.


MN Chapter Profile

The MN chapter confirmed a member of the National Society of Hospital, Institutional Educational Food Service Society on March 6th of 1969. At that time, there were 41 members across the State of Minnesota. Today our membership fluctuates between 450 and 500 members. You can review the leaders and follow industry changes from March 6, 1969 through 2009 when we celebrated our 40th anniversary here. MN Chapter History March 6 1969 - 2009

We host an Annual Conference & Membership meeting each year in the Fall centrally located in the St. Cloud area of our state. Topics of interest to all disciplines are provided with focus on personal growth, leadership & sanitation.

Our annual awards are presented at the conference, as well as recognition for years of Membership. Our Chapter has also been the recipient of many awards at the National Annual Conference. Award History We received the prestigious Diamond Award in 2000 under the leadership of Sue Zins and again in 2013-14 under the leadership of Shona McCue.

For a listing of Past Presidents, Past MN Presidents who have served as Chapter Leaders. Many of these leaders have volunteered at the National Level (link here) of Nutrition and Foodservice Management.

We advocate and provide nutritional care & foodservice to healthcare, schools, senior living, day care, military & criminal justice facilities throughout our state.

Board of Directors

  • President
    Mr Jeffrey Wuollet, CDM, CFPP
    Hanover, MN
  • President Elect
    Mistin Miranda Warkenthien, CDM, CFPP
    Bloomington, MN
  • Secretary
    Shauna Nordlund, CDM, CFPP
    Parkers Prairie, MN
  • Treasurer
    Mrs Dawn Marie Nickleson, CDM, CFPP
    Cottage Grove, MN
  • Treasurer Elect
    Mrs CarieAnn L. Williams, CDM, CFPP
    Saint Paul, MN
  • Past President
    Jessica L. Weisbrich, RDN, LD, CDM, CFPP
    New Ulm, MN
  • Education Chairperson
    Mrs Marjorie R. Smith, CDM, CFPP
    Lewisville, MN
  • Membership Chairperson
    Kathryn J. Hagen, CDM, CFPP
    Bird Island, MN
  • Newsletter Editor
    Ms Paige Michele Kort, CDM, CFPP
    Fergus Falls, MN
  • Participant
    Mrs Allison K. Josephson, CDM, CFPP
    Cannon Falls, MN

Awards, Recognition and Leadership Chair
CarrieAnn Williams, CDM, CFPP

Strategic Plan
Mrs Marjorie R. Smith, CDM, CFPP

Newsletter Editors
Jeff Wuollet, CDM, CFPP
Paige Kort, CDM, CFPP

National Volunteers from Minnesota

Marj Smith, CDM CFPP, Board of Directors
CarieAnn Williams CDM CFPP, Certifying Board
Kristen Klinefelter, MS RDN LDN, Certifying Board
Shona McCue CDM CFPP, Foundation Trustee
Becky Rude, Foundation Trustee
CarieAnn Williams CDM CFPP, Audit Finance Committee
Erin Miene, CDM, CFPP, Awards Recognition Chair
Jeffrey Woullet CDM CFPP, Award Recognition
Colleen Zenk, CB Standards Committee
Kristi Salisbury, CB Standards Committee
Dorothy Radermacher, Chapter Leadership Team
Brenda Rubash RD, Editorial Advisory Board
Becky Rude MS,RD, CDM CFPP, Leadership Development
Shona McCue CDM CFPP, Political Action Committee

Minnesota Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals

If you are changing e-mail addresses, please notify this email and update your contact info on the ANFP national website. Thanks for doing your part to communicate!