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Is Your Storage Area Inspection Ready?
$7.20 $12

This webinar reviews proper storage methods including the proper use of cardboard and the terminology of "use by," "best if used by," and "sell by" markings on food products.


Memories of Mealtime: Holiday Traditions
$7.20 $12

Supplement your learning with the CE article, Memories of Mealtime: Holiday Traditions


Standards of Practice for Individualized Diet Approaches
Online Course | 5 GEN CE

This course is 20% off for ANFP members thanks to our sponsor, iiT SourceTech!

The concept of liberalized diets is now main stream in long-term care. This course outlines the recommendations of the Dining Practice Standards from the Pioneer Network. The Standards help the Certified Dietary Managers identify dining requirements, importance of food selection and understand the requirements of CMS.

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Online Course | 5 GEN CE
MDS 3.0: Nutritional & Care Planning Decisions

Long-term care for the 20th century has a mission to create a care environment for seniors that will mutually promote quality of life and quality of care. The residents' abilities to achieve successful nutritional outcomes is dependent on their personalized plan of care.

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Bundle | 2.5 GEN CE
New CMS Regs Part I - Survey Process and Critical Pathways for November 2017 and
New CMS Regs Part II - New F-tags Deficiencies Scope and Severity

Are you updated on the CMS regulations for Phase II? Make sure you are in the "know" of the new regulations implemented by CMS for this phase. Learn about the requirements and what it means for CDMs so you can better prepare for phase III.

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Bundle | 9 SAN CE
Food Safety and Technology
Risky Business - CDC Risk Factor Alert, and
Food Safety Inservice Series

Purchase all your required sanitation hours and save! Food Safety & Technology Online Course (5 San hours), Risky Business Webinar (1 San hour), Food Safety In-service Series (3 San hours after providing training to staff). In this bundle, you will learn the standards and common industry practices on how to serve our guests safely, identify ways to minimize food safety risk factors in your operation to be better prepared for your survey or inspection, and receive six food safety in-services to train your staff that includes a pre-test/post-test, case studies, lecture notes, attendance sheet and more!

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Webinar | 1 GEN CE
Snap, Tweet, and Share: Fundamentals of Social Media for Foodservice Professionals

Food has the power to connect human resources, marketing, public relations, and beyond. Bring social media into your kitchen with basic fundamentals, tools, and resources for food service professionals.

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Online Course | 5 GEN CE
Team Empowerment: A Key to Leadership Success

The ability to build and empower a team is essential to the success of a leader. In this course, we will look closely at building relationships with your team and its impact on team dynamics. Understand the steps needed for team training and know when and how to use your team to solve problems. Through this course, you will be asked to think through your organization's culture, your leadership style and your teams’ relationships to better empower them to meet the teams’ goals!

This course is one of the five courses of the Leadership Online Course Series. The full series includes: Transition from Team Member to Member (Level I), You'll Never Know if You Don’t Ask: Getting Project Approval (Level II), Leading Through Change (Level II), Leading Through the Organizational Culture Change (Level III), and Team Empowerment: A Key to Leadership Success (Level III)

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