ANFP Staff

ANFP Staff

  • Staff List

    LeAnn Barlow
    Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Analytics
    Ext. 117

    Jay Cariño
    Vice President, Member Services
    Ext. 114

    Katherine Church
    Senior Vice President
    Executive Director, CBDM
    Ext. 115

    Maribel Colon-Velez
    Executive Assistant
    Ext. 112

    Joan Ernsting
    Finance Coordinator
    Ext. 118

    Emily-Fairall-93Emily Fairall
    Marketing Coordinator
    Ext. 127

    Fairall_MicheleMichele Fairall
    Finance & HR Coordinator
    Ext. 129

    Paula Fauth, CEM
    Events & Business Development Manager
    Ext. 132

    Ania FlaimAnia Flaim
    Professional Development Services Manager
    Ext. 121

    Joyce Gilbert, PhD, RDN
    President & CEO
    Ext. 113

    Marla Isaacs, CAE
    Executive Vice President
    Ext. 109

    Jennifer Karson, CAE
    Director of Finance & Human Resources
    Ext. 110

    CJ NelsonCJ Nelson
    Professional Development Services Associate
    Ext. 120

    Allison Pate
    Professional Development Services Associate
    Ext. 136

    Terri Perkins
    Professional Development Services Associate
    Ext. 124

    JennyJenny Smith Rios Rios
    Education Coordinator
    Ext. 111

    Julie Rogers
    Strategic Initiatives Associate
    Ext. 134

    Brad Rysz
    Director of Marketing & Communications
    Ext. 126

    Mary Simmonds
    IT Manager
    Ext. 116

    Abigail SolazzoAbigail Solazzo
    Chapters & Leadership Manager
    Ext. 123

    Mindy Theesfeld
    Foundation & Research Coordinator
    Ext. 128

    Elizabeth Vitek
    Professional Development Services Associate
    Ext. 122

    Cindy Zemko, BS, CDM, CFPP
    Director of Education
    Ext. 133