About Our Chapter

NFEF Chapter Champion 2015-16

Statement of Core Values

Professionalism: ANFP members are leaders who demonstrate the highest standards of their profession, adhere to a code of ethics, and pursue lifelong learning.

Integrity: ANFP members demonstrate pride in their work and are respected members of the leadership team.

 ANFP members are advocates for those they serve and demonstrate that they care about their health and quality of life.

Best Practices: ANFP members implement nutrition and foodservice best practices and impart that knowledge to those they serve and lead.


Board of Directors

Mr Richard Schmitt, CDM, CFPP
Columbia, SC
President Elect
Ms Paige M. Thibault, CDM, CFPP
Easley, SC
Ms Audrey I. Thomas, CDM, CFPP
Scranton, SC
Immediate Past President
Brandy M. Layne, CDM, CFPP
(803) 587-5051
Lexington, SC
Diana Trout, CDM, CFPP
(803) 984-8361
Lancaster, SC
Mrs Jeri D. Tallon, CDM, CFPP
(803) 229-5682
Hartsville, SC
Education Chairperson
Karen E. Swift, CDM, CFPP
(803) 603-5224
Lexington, SC
Program Committee
Ms Donna A. Lane, CDM, CFPP
(843) 495-6078
Dillon, SC
Membership Chairperson
Jo Ann Labelle, CDM, CFPP
Myrtle Beach, SC
Mr John M. Cassidy, CDM, CFPP
(843) 398-7048
Darlington, SC
Newsletter Editor
Mr Brian F. O'Reilly, CDM, CFPP
Myrtle Beach, SC
Nominating Committee
Mrs Renee M. Spence, CDM, CFPP
Lexington, SC
Mrs Renee M. Spence, CDM, CFPP
Lexington, SC
Ms Audrey I. Thomas, CDM, CFPP
Scranton, SC

Policy & Procedures


Volunteer Opportunities

We need your support and help to manage our state organization. We need YOU to volunteer in your professional organization.


Past Presidents

1974-1975 Edith Schuler 1994-1995 Linda Power
1975-1976 Margaret Campbell
1995-1996 Vivian Eason
1976-1977 Lou Mclver
1996-1997 Rounette Wrenn-Joye
1977-1978 Paulette Crawford
1997-1998 Bob Sloan
1978-1979 Clara Rhodes
1998-1999 Verntell Holmes
1979-1980 Gloria Rostadt
1999-2000 Teressa Kennemore
1980-1981 Betty Thompson
2000-2001 Teressa Kennemore
1981-1982 Chris Capps 2001-2002 Richard Casselman
1982-1983 Gladys Logan
2002-2003 Bob Sloan
1983-1984 Peggy Lott
2003-2004 Earl Ramey
1984-1985 Bobbie Couch
2004-2005 Craig Muller
1985-1986 Mel Ellis
2005-2006 Ginger Cater - Diamond Award
1986-1987 Mary Hill 2006-2007 Lisa Stewart
1987-1988 Bobbie Reid
2007-2008 Frances Brown
1988-1989 Janie Pelfry 2008-2009 Frances Brown
1989-1990 Roland Peppard 2009-2010 Rick Schmitt
1990-1991 Frances Brown 2010-2011 Karen Connell
1991-1992 Bobby Reid 2011-2012 Kevin Williams
1992-1993 Terry Baker 2012-2013 Kevin Williams
1993-1994 Linda Hunt 2013-2014 Felicia Coleman

2014-2015 Karen Connell
     2015-2017   Rick Schmitt
     2017-2018 Diana Trout
     2018-2019 Renee Spence
     2019-2020 Brandy Layne
     2020-2022 Rick Schmitt
Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals

PO Box 3610
St. Charles, IL 60174
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