About Our Chapter

NFEF Chapter Champion 2014-15


2018 Diamond Award Winner

North Carolina ANFP received the prestigious Diamond Award at the 2018 Annual Conference & Expo. Omar Humes, CDM, CFPP, accepted the prestigious “chapter of the year” award on behalf of the state and all of the volunteers’ hard work. 

The Diamond Award honors one state chapter per year that exemplifies dedicated and enthusiastic leadership. Chapters are volunteer-led and are essential to the success and growth of foodservice and nutrition professionals. Eligible chapters met administrative, legislative, financial, and educational criteria in addition to submitting evidence of a creative best practice. There were several impressive submissions, but ultimately the Awards & Recognition Committee selected North Carolina as this year’s winner. 

North Carolina ANFP demonstrated its commitment to its members and community, by increasing the visibility and awareness of the CDM, CFPP brand. Members giving back to the community has increased the respect and knowledge of the CDM and provided the framework to show why the credential remains the standard of excellence within the foodservice and healthcare industries. The chapter hosted community events such as a golf tournament and casino night that helped to raise funds for local children to attend Camp Cocoon, a camp for bereaved and displaced children. Additionally, the chapter focused on the engagement of the membership body and provided a gateway to the future that allowed them to communicate and spark conversation with friends far and near. The chapter launched a sleek, efficient, and user-friendly app dedicated to the North Carolina ANFP chapter and their state members, for easily accessible and up-to-date information. Due to these initiatives and efforts, North Carolina ANFP built trust and respect within the chapter and their membership, as well as the communities throughout North Carolina. 

Through community outreach, and leadership, chapter leaders have a lasting effect on the industry by providing benefits to members at a local level and throughout the state. Congratulations again to North Carolina ANFP! 

2005 Diamond Award Winner

North Carolina ANFP received the Diamond Award in 2005. Congratulations NC ANFP!

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Statement of Core Values

Professionalism: ANFP members are leaders who demonstrate the highest standards of their profession, adhere to a code of ethics, and pursue lifelong learning.

Integrity: ANFP members demonstrate pride in their work and are respected members of the leadership team.

 ANFP members are advocates for those they serve and demonstrate that they care about their health and quality of life.

Best Practices: ANFP members implement nutrition and foodservice best practices and impart that knowledge to those they serve and lead.


Board of Directors

  • President
    Mr Joseph P. Burdette, CDM, CFPP
    Walkertown, NC
  • President Elect
    Ms Tina Wicks, CDM, CFPP
    Boonville, NC
  • Secretary
    Mrs Jessica Leigh Hull, CDM, CFPP
    Dobson, NC
  • Treasurer
    Dr Milton L McGowian, DBA, FMP, CDM, CFPP
    Charlotte, NC

Policy & Procedures


The Association of Nutrition & Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) is the national professional organization for dietary managers. The ANFP was founded in 1960. NC ANFP is a chapter of the national association and represents dietary managers at the state level. NC ANFP was organized in January 1969.


The NCANFP offers many services for student members. Each district offers regular meetings which allow students to become active in the organization. The districts provide invaluable experience in organization, planning, and information. The district meetings allow one-on-one contact with fellow students, business contacts, and current dietary managers. Generally, the district meetings provide students with field experience hours which apply to the course requirements. In addition, the NCANFP provides money for course fees and assistance with exam fees through a generous scholarship program.


NCANFP members are a unique group of diverse people who share a common commitment. We strive to provide World Class Service. In order to meet or exceed this expectation, we must utilize our resources. People are our greatest asset. Chances are that whatever issue arises in your area, another member has probably already dealt with it. Use your fellow ANFP members as sounding boards or pick their brains for ideas. We all want to succeed and by helping each other, we improve the image of our organization. Don't forget to call on your elected representatives when you need them!