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ANFP’s Benchmarking surveys are set to open on March 1! With the all-new Acute Care program in its first year, participants can expect the same robust platform offered to skilled nursing facility operators.

Topics covered in the benchmarking programs include facility demographics, personnel information, key financial stats, foodservice operations, nutrition information, business operations, and sanitation and safety practices.

ANFP began the Acute Care Benchmarking development in 2019 with the guidance of an advisory group consisting of five members. The work settings of these individuals include hospitals and medical centers and positions ranging from Foodservice Directors to the role of VP in a provider-led healthcare supply chain company.

As a participant, the information you provide through the process of a survey will be aggregated with all other participants, and reports will be available to you immediately upon submission. The data collected will provide you with key information that will become more valuable over time.

If you are the Foodservice Director of a Skilled Nursing or Acute Care facility, or both – this is for you! Your participation will award you with one (1) general continuing education (CE) hour for each registered survey that is completed between March 1 - April 30, 2020.

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‘It was an honor and a pleasure to serve on ANFP’s Acute Care Benchmarking Advisory Group. Healthcare food service and nutrition professionals continue to perform a balancing act of economic and satisfaction measures to help shape their organizations’ success. The constant vigilance of performance “levers and drivers” is underscored by the ever-changing national benchmarking indices. These variables, along with public visibility, value-based purchasing and C-suite scrutiny, define the metrics which assist in operational course correction. Exceptional leaders are those who are able to differentiate causal relationships verses simple correlations.

I hope that you will find ANFP’s Acute Care Benchmarking Program useful in defining the gold-standard KPIs, your operation’s economic-health, and articulate a comparative benchmark with your unique peer group.’ – Peter Cayan, Intalere