About Our Chapter

NFEF Chapter Champion 2014-15


2023 Diamond Award Winner

This year’s Diamond Award recipient, Georgia (GA) ANFP’s primary focus was paying it forward and building a legacy of a chapter that continually gives back.   

When a neighboring chapter asked the GA ANFP leaders for guidance and support to help with rebuilding their own chapter, the Diamond award-winning chapter did not hesitate to provide guidance, support, and assistance to ensure another chapter was successful. Led by the GA ANFP chapters leaders, the chapters joined forces and hosted a multi-state virtual meeting to serve nearly 1,400 members within the region. They have also continued to provide one on one mentoring and training for the other chapter leaders throughout this process to ensure their chapter remains sustainable.    

In addition to mentoring neighboring chapters, GA AFNP sponsored a cookie drive for the Robins Spouses Club & Philanthropic Association and the Air Men of the Warner Robbins Airforce Base and that were not able to leave the base during the Christmas holiday. The chapter stepped up by donating cookies and funds to help the cookie drive. In the end they donated over 2,400 or 200 dozen cookies as well as a cash donation of $300.00. Because of the chapter’s actions and generosity, they were able to support their fellow ANFP chapters to the benefit of their members, as well as their communities and local organizations. 

2012 Diamond Award Winner

This year’s Diamond Award recipient was Georgia (GA) ANFP! Congratulations GA ANFP!

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Per our confidentiality policy, ANFP chapter leaders/volunteers contact information is not made public. If you have a chapter related question, comment, or request, please click the red button below and fill out the Chapter Contact Form. Your request will be sent to the appropriate individuals.

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Statement of Core Values

Professionalism: ANFP members are leaders who demonstrate the highest standards of their profession, adhere to a code of ethics, and pursue lifelong learning.

Integrity: ANFP members demonstrate pride in their work and are respected members of the leadership team.

 ANFP members are advocates for those they serve and demonstrate that they care about their health and quality of life.

Best Practices: ANFP members implement nutrition and foodservice best practices and impart that knowledge to those they serve and lead.


Board of Directors

  • President
    Mr Ferrlando Felix Jones, CDM, CFPP
    Milledgeville, GA
  • President Elect
    Ms Regina M. St Clair, CDM, CFPP
    Douglasville, GA
  • Secretary
    Ms Ariel Womack, CDM, CFPP
    Milledgeville, GA
  • Treasurer
    Mr Mark Riley, CDM, CFPP
    Valdosta, GA
  • Treasurer Elect
    Tony L Lassic, CDM, CFPP
    Newnan, GA
  • Newsletter Editor
    Ms Ariel Womack, CDM, CFPP
    Milledgeville, GA
  • Brand Ambassador
    Ms LaToya Preston, CDM, CFPP
    Tucker, GA

Each ANFP chapter is registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization with the IRS.  Some chapters are divided into smaller areas called districts.  Chapters and districts are volunteer driven. Officers and committees promote the benefits of being active locally, such as growing a professional network and developing leadership skills.  Chapter leaders are essential to the success and growth of ANFP.

District Officers

Atlanta District

Ronald Scott CDM, CFPP 
Grayson, GA

Barbara Runkles CDM, CFPP 
Temple, GA

Caroline Estime CDM, CFPP 
Tampa, FL

Carolyn Ford CDM, CFPP 
Atlanta, GA

Canoochee District

Shirley Singleton CDM, CFPP
Lyons, GA 

Becky Livingston CDM ,CFPP 
Lumber City, GA 

Emily Wilson CDM, CFPP 
Augusta, GA 

Sharon Clark CDM, CFPP 
Glennville, GA

The Canoochee District meetings will be held at RJ’s Restaurant in Statesboro.

Oconee District

Kathy Henry CDM, CFPP

Pam Massey CDM, CFPP

Mary Crunkleton

Pam Turpin CDM, CFPP

Charlie Mahoney

Past President:
Sharon Ayers CDM, CFPP

Our meetings are held at Cobb Center on Turner Street in Royston, GA 30662. It is an all day meeting with 6 clock hours.

Policy & Procedure


Map of Georgia


1. Atlanta
2. Canoochee
3. Oconee
4. Ocumlgee
5. Sowega

Ocumlgee District

Sue Courson CDM, CFPP

Martha Batchelor CDM, CFPP

Shelia Dayton CDM, CFPP

Margie Widner CDM, CFPP

Sowega District

Gayle Tucker CDM, CFPP
Sherlene Johnson CDM, CFPP

Sherlene Johnson CDM, CFPP

Terry Sirmans CDM, CFPP

Districts boundaries are by zip codes. If you are not sure of your district, please call one of these District Presidents.