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Statement of Core Values

Professionalism: ANFP members are leaders who demonstrate the highest standards of their profession, adhere to a code of ethics, and pursue lifelong learning.

Integrity: ANFP members demonstrate pride in their work and are respected members of the leadership team.

 ANFP members are advocates for those they serve and demonstrate that they care about their health and quality of life.

Best Practices: ANFP members implement nutrition and foodservice best practices and impart that knowledge to those they serve and lead.


Board of Directors

  • President
    Mr James T Stewart, CDM, CFPP
    Fawnskin, CA
  • President
    Mrs Esthela C. Conlu, CDM, CFPP
    Elk Grove, CA
  • President Elect
    Mrs Maira C. Lindstrand, CDM, CFPP
    South San Francisco, CA
  • Secretary
    Marcos Herrera, CDM, CFPP
    Oxnard, CA
  • Treasurer
    Mrs Esthela C. Conlu, CDM, CFPP
    Elk Grove, CA
  • Brand Ambassador
    Karmen L. Kortie, CDM, CFPP
    Yuba City, CA

Policy & Procedures


Each ANFP chapter is registered as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization with the IRS.  Chapters are volunteer driven. Officers and committees promote the benefits of being active locally, such as growing a professional network and developing leadership skills.  Chapter leaders are essential to the success and growth of ANFP.

Chapter History

CA ANFP was formed on August 1, 1972. Carol Hayes was the founding member. Among the other founding members were Johnie Price and Henrietta Tillery.

California chapter of HEIFFS (Hospital, Institutional, and Educational Food Service Society) was formed on August 1, 1972. (HEIFFS was the original name of ANFP.) The original executive board included: Mamiette Jones, Joan Bates, Johnnie Price, and Wilfred Hoomalu. Other pioneering members are: Joan Hathaway, Tom Hata, Darlene Dano, Angela Cervantes, Raul Hayasaka, Frank Aguirre, Randy Hutchins, Santina Currin, Erminia Valadez, Lorna Slagle, Arlene Routt, Anna Abutin, Dora Arrendono, Veronica (Ronny) Johanboeke, Richard Leeds, Johnnie Zacherson,Edith Molen, Vyleane Longshore, Linda Ann Perez, Hillary Tillery.