NFEF is proud to support grant opportunities for nutrition and foodservice professionals and students. Special grants are available for members to cover registration fees to ANFP educational events that include the Annual Conference & Expo and Regional Meetings. The Foundation also offers grants to off-set ANFP Approved School course costs and CDM Exam registration fees.


Grant Types

Certification Exam Grant:  The Certification Exam Grant will be awarded in the form of a $399 credit and will be set up on the recipient's online account at If selected for this grant, the recipient will have 90 days from the award notification date to complete the exam registration process and an additional 90 days to register for the exam with PSI/AMP Assessment Centers. Membership with ANFP is not required in order to apply for this grant.

CDM Student Grant:  The CDM Student Grant will be awarded to a student who is about to start or is already enrolled into an ANFP-Approved Training Program. (Program must not be completed at the time the grant is awarded.) The grant recipient will receive $200 toward school expenses and a credit of $399 to cover the Certification Exam registration fees. If tuition fees have not been paid, a check from NFEF in the amount of $200 will be sent directly to the college or university.  If tuition fees have been paid in full for program costs, proof of payment must be submitted to the NFEF, and a check will be sent directly to the grant recipient.  The Certification Exam registration credit will be set up on the grant recipient's online account at  The exam must be taken within one year of program completion, and registration fee payment will be made one-time only. Any other exam-related costs will be the responsibility of the student. Membership with ANFP is not required in order to apply for this grant.

Regional Meeting Grant:  The Regional Meeting Grant will pay for the recipient's meeting registration, plus a small stipend that will be provided to the recipient in check form at the meeting. You must be a Certified member of ANFP to apply for this grant.

Annual Conference & Expo Grant (ACE):  The Annual Conference and Expo grant will pay for the recipient’s Conference registration fees, plus a small stipend that will be provided to the recipient in check form at the meeting.  This stipend can be used to off-set the cost of hotel and meals. The 2017 ACE grant will cover the priority registration fee of $385, and a stipend of $115. ​You must be a Certified member of ANFP to apply for this grant.

Dues Grant: Dues Grants are awarded to members of ANFP experiencing financial difficulties that prevent them from paying their annual and certification dues. Application opens June 1 and closes July 15.  Please note that if membership dues are paid during the application window, NFEF will not make any reimbursements.

Grant Requirements

  • Complete the online questions form.
  • Attach a letter of recommendation.
  • Proof of enrollment in the current school year must be submitted. (for student grant applicants only)

The Letter of Recommendation must come from one of the following individuals:

  • (A) Officer of the ANFP Chapter in the state where the applicant resides (B) ANFP Program Instructor (C) Consultant Dietitian (D) Supervisor or Administrator

 Letter of Recommendation should address:​

  • Where do you see the greatest potential in this candidate as it relates to the field of nutrition and foodservice?
  • How will you continue to support this candidate so that they are successful in completing the certification process?
  • What sets this candidate apart from other applicants for this grant?
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about this candidate that would be helpful to the Grants & Awards committee?

Regional Meeting & ACE Eligibility

  • Applicant must be a member of ANFP in good standing.

Applicant may qualify for one grant during a five-year cycle.  After initial grant is awarded, recipients may reapply in five years. 

Dues Grant Eligibility

  • Current, active ANFP member with a CDM, CFPP credential in good standing.
  • No history of dues grant award.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Members are eligible to receive a Dues grant one time​ during the course of ANFP membership.

Application Process

To start the application process log into the ANFP Member Login section and select the Grants and Scholarships tab located on left-hand side of the page, select an applicable Program Name and review program details. Select "apply online" and review the auto populated application section and click "save".  Upload the letter of recommendation and click "save".  Once the page has refreshed select "done". To complete the online grant application process, select the applicable grant link displaying on the page and fill out the questions within the form.  Once completed select "submit" and your application will be completed.

Upon completing the online process a confirmation will appear that your application is being reviewed. Every application will be updated with a status that can be monitored and each applicant can follow up with NFEF staff on any incomplete or missing documents.

Available Grants & Scholarships

Annual Conference & Expo - Las Vegas, NV
Application Opens: January 17, 2017
Application Closes: April 13, 2017
Grants & Awards Committee Decision Date: April 28, 2017
Priority Registration Closes: May 9, 2017

(Applicants who do not receive a grant will be notified prior to May 9, 2017 in order to take advantage of the priority registration fees.)

Summer Certification Exam Grant
Application Opens: March 1, 2017
Application Closes: May 31, 2017
Grants & Awards Committee Decision Date: June 30, 2017

If you are not selected for this grant you may apply for the Fall Certification Exam which will be available on June 1, 2017.

CDM Student Grant
Application Opens: March 1, 2017
Application Closes: May 31, 2017
Grants & Awards Committee Decision Date: June 30, 2017

University of North Dakota
Application Opens:  August 01, 2016
Application Closes:  May 31, 2017
Scholarship Committee Decision Date:  June 30, 2017

The University of North Dakota is offering a scholarship for foodservice managers desiring to further their education and career potential by becoming a CDM, CFPP.  UND has offered the Nutrition & Foodservice Professional Training Program (Dietary Managers Course) by distance education for over 40 years.  This scholarship is for our online training program; which enables students from around the country to participate in the UND program.  Students without access to an RD preceptor can utilize the services of a preceptor provided by UND for an additional fee if they enroll in the online training program. Payment must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.  If selected for this scholarship, UND will reimburse recipient in check form.

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