Grant Details & Requirements

Apply for an NFEF Grant!

Grant Awards Policies

Grant recipients are limited to receiving one grant in a three-year period, and will be eligible to receive another grant after three years has passed.

Please note that if any meeting registrations or exam registrations are processed, or ANFP membership dues are paid during the application windows, NFEF will not make any reimbursements. All applications will be canceled. 



Grant Requirements

  1. Complete the online questions form.
  2. Attach a letter of recommendation. (For Hormel Health Labs Student Grant only.)
  3. Attach a copy of applicant’s ANFP Approved Training Program certificate of completion or a copy of an official transcript from a two-year, four-year or greater, college degree in foodservice management, nutrition, culinary arts, or hotel-restaurant management. View additional information on current eligibility requirements to sit for the CDM Credentialing Exam here.

The Letter of Recommendation must come from one of the following individuals:

  • (A) Officer of the ANFP Chapter in the state where the applicant resides
  • (B) ANFP Program Instructor
  • (C) Consultant Dietitian
  • (D) Supervisor or Administrator

The Letter of Recommendation should address:

  • Where do you see the greatest potential in this candidate as it relates to the field of nutrition and food service?
  • How will you continue to support this candidate so that they are successful in completing the CDM, CFPP certification process?
  • Explain in detail why this candidate should receive grant funding.
  • Is there anything else you would like to share about this candidate that would be helpful to the Grants & Awards committee?

Application Process

  1. To start the application process log into the ANFP Member Login section and select the NFEF Grants tab from the 'My Information' menu on the top, left side of the screen.

  2. Select an applicable Program Name and review program details.

  3. Select "apply online" and review the auto populated application section and click "save".

  4. Upload the letter of recommendation that is required for the Hormel Health Labs Student Grant and click "save."

  5. Once the page has refreshed select "done."

  6. To complete the online grant application process, select the applicable grant link displaying on the page and fill out the questions within the form.

  7. Once completed, select "Submit" and your application will be completed.

Upon completing the online application process, a confirmation will appear that your application is being reviewed. Every application will be updated with a status that can be monitored and each applicant can follow up with NFEF staff on any incomplete or missing documents.