2021 NFEF Awards

NFEF Awards

Foodservice Education Innovator of the Year Award

Submission Details

Does your facility have an innovative education or training program? If so, get ready to apply for NFEF’s newest award! This award shines a spotlight on unique training or education initiatives that a facility or company offers. One winner each year will be recognized, with their training practice/program highlighted in Nutrition & Foodservice Edge magazine.

Award nominees might highlight:

  1. Unique training programs for new hires; or
  2. Furthering education of foodservice personnel; or
  3. Unique programs that assist/encourage foodservice directors obtaining the CDM®, CFPP® credential; or
  4. An innovative program of promoting foodservice personnel competencies.

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Foodservice Department of the Year Award

Submission Details

Prestige, recognition, reputation, status. All words that describe the accomplishments of the NFEF Foodservice Department of the Year. Don't miss your opportunity to recognize your team and your facility by winning the NFEF Foodservice Department of the Year award.

Nominate your team by providing details of achievements and accomplishments in the following four areas:

Teamwork – How well department staff members communicate, cooperate and work together to make the department collectively greater than the sum of its multiple functions.

Innovation – How the department approaches day-to-day operations for internal customers that highlights and reinforces its importance to the organization.

Customer service – How the department’s operational activities directly and indirectly influence high-quality service. How the department contributes to the well-being of their clients, residents, or patients.

Operational Contribution – How specifically the department has contributed to the overall operation of the organization. (This could include financial operations, enhanced marketing efforts, staffing, surveys, etc.)

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2020 NFEF Award Recipients Announced

The Foodservice Department of the Year Award and Foodservice Education Innovator of the Year Award recipients have been announced!

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